Tom Z’s Candidate for Governor Calls for Armed Revolution

Bad news, Tom, we did it again. We read someone’s blog.

When Donald Allen (Tom Z’s pick for Gov) isn’t pontificating on his blog about more African Americans in advertising now that Obama is the President, he is advocating for an armed attack on Washington.


Time to plan a spring offensive on Washington, D.C., perhaps a fitting day would be April 15, 2013. Discourse and election campaign promises are over; we must act with armed revolt or our grandchildren will be raised in a communist land, devoid of any semblance to the free America we grew up in. Our military must obey their oaths and not defend the Capitol, but stand with the Revolution. Police must do the same; stand down, and recognize the true traitors for who they are – Congress and President Obama, the moneyed lobbyists of K Street, and all who would transform our Nation from free market capitalism to collective socialism. It ends now.

Check it out for yourself and see what Tom’s candidate has to say. He even picked a date to start; it was April 15, 2013, so maybe the resistance is on temporary hold for a Gubernatorial run.

This isn’t about Dr. Allen, because I haven’t met him and really don’t care what he says. The man has a right to his opinions, however outside the mainstream they are, and it’s perfectly fine to put them in writing online.

This is about Tom’s leadership. He’s fond of throwing rhetorical bombs at us because we do BASIC research that an intern at the Ohio Democratic Party will also do. This is the type of information that comes out in every single campaign, if it wasn’t found by us you can bet Chris Redfern would have.

Tom says that we are thugs because we type his candidate’s names into Google and then read what comes up. Apparently he doesn’t think that other campaigns will do the same when in a race against “his” candidates. He also claims that we are paid by the ORP or Administration, which is also totally false. We don’t receive a penny from anyone.

Here’s your leader Tea Party, someone who admittedly doesn’t vet his candidates, assumes that nobody else will and gets mad if they do. And by “vet”, I mean type a name into a website. It’s not rocket science.

And when he does try to prop up a candidate to run for governor of Ohio he picks someone who has advocated armed revolution against the government. Also someone that you’ve never heard of.

Is this the type of leadership that the Tea Party wants or needs? I’d argue absolutely not. But then again, according to Tom, I am just a thug bought and paid for by the establishment. Who knows how to read a candidate’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Tom Z’s Candidate for Governor Calls for Armed Revolution”

  1. Sam, Nick, Jake – I’ve been reading your posts, and I agree that you can write and post anything you want. I will ask you only once, to stop calling Tom Z “the tea party leader” he leads the Portage county tea party. He is not the president of the OLC or any of the other 100+ tea party groups in Ohio. If you want to question Tom Z and his actions, go right ahead, but don’t over reach with your writing.

    1. That’s a fair point, David, and I partially agree with you.

      Tom is no longer the president of OLC. But he does continue to be the only one who sends email out to OLC’s mailing list and appears to be organizing statewide activities and meetings for the OLC’s members. Tom is the one sending out all of the communications regarding new tea party candidates and the like.

      He is also the most public tea party leader in Ohio. He appears often on national news programs and is often described and introduced as “Ohio’s Tea Party Leader”. He doesn’t ever object to that introduction.

      If there are local tea party organizations that do not wish to be spoken for by Tom, then perhaps they need to push for new leadership or make it known that Tom does not speak for them.

      1. The ethos of the tea party is that we have no leader. Why ask us to push for a “new leader” when we don’t have nor want a “leader”. If you have a “leader” their head can be removed and then those removing the head can claim you dead as well. Please be cognizant of over reach in your writing.

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