Top Ten Excerpts from Ted Strickland’s speech to the DNC this week

Today Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett made the following statement on Governor Ted Strickland’s keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention.

The Democratic National Convention is apparently so desperate for speakers they actually have Ted Strickland on the schedule. Whoever decided to give a speaking role to a fired governor responsible for 400,000 lost jobs ought to have their head examined…but then again, I’ve been saying that about the Democrats for years.

We have obtained Governor Strickland’s speech, and here are our top ten excerpts from the keynote address. Enjoy!

10. “After John Tester, Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill, Bernie Sanders, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers declined invites to the Convention, the DNC was looking to fill-in. And since everyone from the speaker of the New York General Assembly to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned all their members to stay away, — I’m honored you asked me to be here tonight!”

9. “Representative Betty Sutton is back home in Ohio tonight. She said she didn’t come to the Convention because she has ‘things to do’. Lucky for me, after the Ohio voters fired me, my schedule is wide open!”

8. “For those of you who don’t know me, you may recognize me from the ‘Shame on you Barack Obama’ commercial!”

7. “It’s good to see a decent crowd here in Charlotte tonight. I spoke at the Obama campaign kick-off in Columbus this year and that place was half empty!”

6. “Under Barack Obama, fewer Americans are working today than when he took office. I’m happy to report that I contributed 400,000 lost jobs to that effort!”

5. “You know, if I just keep taking credit for the economy during the last two years before I took office and the first two years of the Kasich administration, I can say I had a fantastic four years as Governor of Ohio!”

4. “Republicans claim John Kasich cleaned up the mess I left behind as Governor. But I’m here tonight to make the case that it was Barack Obama who cleaned up the mess I left behind as Governor!”

3. “John Kasich is no Barack Obama. Kasich balanced a budget, cut taxes, and had a laser-focus on job creation. Barack Obama hasn’t done a single one of those things! He’s nothing like John Kasich!”

2. “I’m glad the Democrats are refusing to answer ‘are you better off today than you were four years ago?’ I’ve learned a lot watching them dodge and duck that question, and claim it’s the wrong question to ask. Where the hell were these guys when I needed them in 2010?”

1. “Mitt Romney is running a scary campaign. Like John Kasich two years ago he’s
smearing his opponent by pointing out facts about his record. That’s bad news folks — because it usually works!”

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I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Excerpts from Ted Strickland’s speech to the DNC this week”

  1. “How about that California high speed no-train, folks? Who wants to buy tickets? Tickets? Anyone?”

    “You know, I supported Hillary. Now, I’m stuck supporting Barack. But Hillary’s done a great job. I mean take a moment and think of her three greatest accomplishments as Secretary of State and shout one out (complete silence).

    Well, Topping my list: 1. She approved new State Department limos. 2. She has a cool looking “reset button.” 3. She’s done as little as I did when I was Governor, and while acting really really busy.”

  2. Ted Strickland (like all progressives) is a hypocrite. When it’s convenient for his political career, he embraces religion, like he did when he was elected governor. . .

    . . .” Although he doesn’t often connect it to specific issues, Strickland’s faith figures prominently in his public image.”

    “He turned his inauguration a year ago into something of a revival, quoting scripture and stepping in to give the opening prayer when the invited preacher didn’t show.”

    . . .” I read the Bible and I pray and I listen to advice that I get from people of faith.”

    . . .”I think there is a danger of having God conform to our image, rather than trying to conform to his. And I think that can lead to arrogance and self-righteousness and a sense of superiority that, from my point of view, is the antithesis of what truth faith leads to.”

    . . .”I still certainly consider myself a United Methodist. I attend different churches depending on where I am. Sometimes I don’t attend church at all, depending on where I am and so on….”

    . . .” How do you feel about being identified as Methodist minister or former Methodist minister – especially in regard to abortion, abstinence education or other moral issues?

    I think there are a lot of moral issues. I think whether or not there are hungry people in Ohio is a moral issue…. The thing I find a little frustrating is that I think the media has fallen into doing what a lot of politically-right religious people do and that’s have a fairly narrow description of what is a moral issue.

    If you read the New Testament you’ll find that Jesus said a whole lot more about pride and arrogance, hypocrisy and selfishness than he did about abortion. I don’t read about anything that Jesus said about abortion specifically. However, he talked about specific sins a lot…. ”

    Yes Ted, Jesus did speak about pride and arrogance, hypocrisy and selfishness (all attributes embraced by the progressives in your party). . .it was God who addressed abortion with the 10 Commandments. . .in particular. . .”thou shalt not kill”!

    We guess that someone like Ted Strickland, who claims that his “faith figures prominently in his public image” must be standing on the podium at the DNC convention with his fingers crossed behind his back just so that he can say one thing and do another (ie, embrace the DNC’s “God”-less platform).

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