Unbelievable: Ohio Democrat Party listed Ohio companies as targets for union retribution

Folks, the Democrats and We Are Ohio unions will stop at NOTHING to preserve the government union advantage over the officials we elect to manage our tax dollars. They will say, and do, absolutely ANYTHING to stop the reasonable reforms in Issue 2 from taking effect.

  • They lied to you about being able to bargain for safety equipment. 
  • They continually wage class warfare by asserting that unionized government employees are the entirety of Ohio’s middle class, when in fact, they are actually a tiny single digit percentage.
  • The Plain Dealer and Politifact reported that they lied to you when they said Issue 2 would make it harder for nurses to care for patients, and also about legislators writing a supposed “loophole” into the law.
  • Disgustingly, they somehow brought race into the debate by saying that Issue 2 would take us back to the days of Jim Crow laws.
  • The continually cite a compensation report written by a questionable “researcher” who was caught on tape agreeing to “kill” information that didn’t meet the Ohio teachers’ union’s desired outcome.

I keep thinking they can’t sink any lower. They keep proving me wrong. Today, Building a Better Ohio, the good guys fighting to protect the reforms contained in Senate Bill 5, disclosed the names of their donors. Not long after, The Ohio Democratic Party proclaimed that they were going to start tweeting the names of companies “bankrolling attacks on Ohio’s middle class.”

And they followed through. They started listing Ohio companies, accused each one of “attacking Ohio’s middle class”, and listed each company’s address and telephone numbers. And, they asked their followers to rebroadcast all of this information to their followers!

They have since deleted all of these tweets. But we have a screen shot of some of the tweets before they took them all down.

Yes, folks, the Ohio Democratic Party went into full attack mode against...Ohio job creators and employers!  This is what you have come to, Democrats?  Attempting to harm business who employ thousands of Ohio citizens?
And what did they expect to happen when they put out their “hit list”, complete with addresses and phone numbers?  There can be no doubt they meant to punish these businesses by unleashing thousands of worked up pro-union goons.  Harassment by telephone would be the least of their targets’ worries, because some of the goons have already resorted to criminal vandalism such as this:
That sign belonged to Don Race in Huron County.  He also had his mailbox torn down and some of his trees destroyed.  Why?  Because he supports Issue 2.  Is this the kind of intimidation and vandalism the Ohio Democratic Party had in mind when they listed Ohio companies who support Issue 2 as targets?  I’ll let you be the judge of that.  The answer is crystal clear to me.
Today, the Ohio Democrat Party crossed way over the line.  They know they did, or those tweets would still be viewable.  There is NOTHING that they will not do, that they will not say, and that they will not pay, to preserve the failed status quo that keeps the union stranglehold on our tax dollars and keeps those dollars flowing into their campaign coffers.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

12 thoughts on “Unbelievable: Ohio Democrat Party listed Ohio companies as targets for union retribution”

  1. You’ve patched together an isolated incident of vandalism along with a questionable series of tweets which have since been taken down to assert that it’s “crystal clear” that the Democrats have called on thousands of goons to vandalize Ohio businesses? Are you insane? You provide absolutely no evidence for this claim, and then assert that it’s “crystal clear.” What passes for journalism on this site is disappointing. Does anyone have a link for a well-reasoned, mature conservative Ohio politics blog? Thanks.

  2. It’s sad watching you become unglued.

    So we aren’t allowed to vote with our wallets and not patron businesses who use the money they’ve gotten from me as a customer to fund political causes I oppose?

    That’s outrageous and unbelievable?

    Isn’t this America?

  3. Really Modern?

    That’s all they intended? Was for people to “not patronize them?”

    Why tell them to contact them?

    And why did they try to cover it up by deleting their tweets if their motives were so innocent?

  4. Send Union Thugs to assault hard working business owners. Right out of the Union/thug playbook. When vandalism/injuries result, will these websites be implicated as accomplices? At least now I know what businesses to frequent!

  5. Perhaps for political reasons? Perhaps to be better winners than the immature tweets reflected? In any event the conclusion you jumped to–that they were hoping to spur some kind of violent backlash–is absolutely unfounded and ruins your otherwise interesting post. There are readers for whom the integrity of the writers and credibility of their claims matter.

    Also, if individuals hear of a business they usually shop at supporting SB5 and therefore wish to shop elsewhere, who the heck are you to suggest that’s wrong. And who are you to suggest it’s wrong to report which businesses donated. Your suggestion that the Dems are going to hurt these businesses, and therefore jobs, is absolutely asinine and lacks all regard for appreciating the complexity of market forces. One business losing customers is often another’s gain. Come on, guys.

  6. According to Bytor, I have no right to contact a business and inform them their political activities have resulted in them losing my business. Apparently, that’s “unbelievable” thuggery… To call or write someone?

    If Issue 2 was as popular as you like to fool yourself into thinking, then why should any business fear a boycott?

    Seriously, Bytor, try to have some concern about your credibility and pride in this site before you put this kind of ridiculous garbage out there.

  7. The guy who runs a headline quoting the governor, based on an email from 1 man with zero proof…
    is going to lecture us about credibility? Right, Modern!

    No one said you dont have the right to contact a business. But the ODP was clearly putting out a “hit list” to intimidate people.

    If they didn’t think they had crossed the line, they wouldn’t have gone back and deleted what they did.

  8. Bytor, why don’t you start calling them Commies and Socialists and Marxists again? How about La Cosa Nostra, while you’re at it?

  9. It is a hit list and everyone know it. I don’t have a yes on 2 sign in my yard for this very reason. I fear Union vandalism/assault. Just ask Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis and John King in Toledo what angry Union mobs are capable of. Bytor is right on the money!

  10. JLM, I assume you are referring to my posts about WAO’s association with Occupy Wall Street.

    Are you trying to tell everyone here that OWS is NOT filled with communists and socialists? That WAO’s Youth Outreach Coordinator is not a self-described communist revolutionary?

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