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Unions and Villains

I am a public employee. Thankfully I’m classified as Administrative / Professional staff, which means I don’t have to worry about being forced to join a union or pay “fair share” fees. Like all public employees, I’m an individual, and should be treated as such.

I am an inconvenience to We Are Ohio. Ohio’s government unions enrich themselves by taking money from government workers… the last thing they need is an informed taxpayer pointing that out.

Refer to the reaction of union front group “Join the Future” to the video I posted Tuesday morning:

If you’ve not seen it, check out my video matching union boss hysterics with union boss pay. At no point do I “attack public workers.” Watch closely, also, for the “bitterness” and “unhinged anger” I’m accused of by the official Twitter account of an official union mouthpiece.

The unions don’t want you to know Senate Bill 5 offers commonsense reforms to Ohio’s broken government union law. That’s why self-proclaimed Advocates of Public Workers attack me, a public worker, every time I try to inform fellow Ohioans about the need for government union reform.

Here’s another thing you’ll never hear from the unions: don’t take my word for it. Review We Are Ohio’s arguments, and then ask which line of Senate Bill 5 endangers police & firemen; which page slashes teacher wages; which section renders elected officials unaccountable to the voters who pay public workers’ salaries.

Because unions are heroes, any criticism of unions is villainy. If this is an accepted truism, questions about union boss pay, raises disconnected from merit, the madness of last-in-first-out, and the need for sustainable benefit plans are unimportant. No wonder Senate Bill 5 supporters are libeled daily!

The troubling thing is not that government unions lie, but that they scarcely do anything else.

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Cross-posted at that hero and Columbus Tea Party.

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