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Why most Issue 2 supporters don’t put out signs

It’s very simple. The unions and Democrats target you. You become a target.

You become a target for harassment, like when Ohio Democrats started creating a hit list of Ohio private employers who support reform.

They started listing Ohio companies, accused each one of “attacking Ohio’s middle class”, and listed each company’s address and telephone numbers. And, they asked their followers to rebroadcast all of this information to their followers.

Yes, folks, the Ohio Democratic Party went into full attack mode against…Ohio job creators and employers! This is what you have come to, Democrats? Attempting to harm business who employ thousands of Ohio citizens?

You become a target for vandalism.

That sign belonged to Don Race in Huron County. He also had his mailbox torn down and some of his trees destroyed. Why? Because he supports Issue 2.

You become a target for trespassing.

Signs supporting Issue 2 are few and far between in the Valley, but one local resident said even the small amount that are around appear to be too many for some opposed to the measure.

John Creed of Liberty Township said his sign urging voters to vote yes on Issue 2 has been destroyed twice. The sign is located on his property and faces state Route 11.

“We fixed it once and you can see the tape on it,” Creed said. “They came back over and got it again.”

Getting to the sign is no easy task. The vandal would need to park on the side of state Route 11, go through high brush and climb over a fence just to reach the sign.

Creed said he believes the vandalism is an intimidation tactic and one of the reasons why more people don’t have signs in their yards. He said he supports the issue because he believes property taxes are getting out of hand.

The anti-reform people are out boasting about how they don’t see any “Yes on Issue 2” signs around. Part of the reason is their intimidation tactics. The other is that the silent majority will show its support on Election Day.

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