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Will the left use ANY excuse to attack Kasich?

Apparently so.

If you haven’t heard of Kelley Williams-Bolar, she is a woman who lives in the Akron school district but who used her father’s address to enroll her children in the better Fairlawn-Copley district. She was charged and convicted of 2 felonies for the crime.

The progressive Ohio blog “Plunderbund” commented on the case and went on to say that she deserved the punishment for her crime, “but Ohio’s Governor should eventually pardon her anyways.”

Well, today, Governor Kasich did take action on the Williams-Bolar case. But he didn’t pardon her. She will still have to serve her original punishments, but her crimes were reduced to misdemeanors rather than felonies.

Now, guess who’s attacking the governor for this? Yep, you got it. Plunderbund, the same people who said she should eventually be pardoned.

The Governor did NOT pardon her of her crimes, as PB opined should eventually happen. His action states that she still must serve her punishments, but now she won’t have felonies on her record. This was clearly a second chance from Kasich, but clearly not absolution for her crimes. An act of compassion.

And yet they attack anyway. Personally, I could go either way on whether Williams-Bolar deserves leniancy or not. But I bring it up to show that when you’re this rabidly hateful of someone, I guess you will use every single possible thing he does as a reason to attack him. Even an act of compassion. Even if it means contradicting yourself.

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