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Workers in Akron to get cut to 29 hours due to Obamacare

obamacare-dumbcrats-liberals-political-poster-12934699941We told you so.

We told people that Obamacare would cost the economy jobs and force some employers to cut some employee’s hours down to part-time status to avoid Obamacare’s costs. Democrats said it wouldn’t happen.

Tell that to Tim Wheeler, who is facing having his weekly hours reduced from 40 to 29, so his employer can avoid the extra costs imposed by the “Affordable Care Act”.

So who is this heartless employer who is exploiting loopholes in the law? It must be some greedy corporation like Walmart right? Probably some capitalist pig company run by rich Republican country club types?

Nope. It’s the Democrat controlled city of Akron. Democrats control the mayor’s office and all 10 wards on city council. From the Akron Beacon-Journal:

Now, Wheeler has learned that his hours could be cut because of a requirement in the federal health-care law that employers provide health care to employees who average more than 30 hours a week. Akron recently sent a memo to temporary, seasonal and part-time employees, telling them the city couldn’t afford to cover their health care, and is looking at how to respond.

“I was shocked, to be honest,” said Wheeler, 46, a life-long Akron resident. “I don’t think anything good is going to come out of it. I don’t know how to live on 29 hours a week.”

Obamacare hurts the economy and costs jobs. Next year in 2014 is when the SHTF and the law goes into full effect, and we’re bound to see more stories like this. We’ll also see some employers drop their existing health coverage altogether and choose to pay the Obamacare penalties. Because, some employers will say, why not? The federal government under Barack Obama has all but waged war on business in this country, castigating many as greedy and telling them “you didn’t build that!” Some employers are going to do what they think is necessary to survive.

Like cutting their employee’s hours. Like the city of Akron is planning.

We told you so.

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