WSYX 6’s Reporting is Intoxicating

By now you have likely heard numerous stories regarding the defeat of Issue 2 last night.  Overall these reports and the reporters have approached the news in a fairly matter of fact, sober minded manner.

Then there is this report by WSYX’s Dana Jay that is… shall we say less sober minded?

Just slightly.

With Ohio union bosses surely drunk with power after their win, Ms Jay’s Statehouse report seems all too appropriate.

It should come as no surprise that a WSYX reporter did a little celebrating at the news last night.  She works for the same station that ran this report on pay raises in the state legislature Monday.  News of the raises broke over two months ago, yet WSYX waited until the day before the election to report on this story.  The network even had the gall to pretend their report was somehow new information, even though other Columbus networks reported the same thing weeks earlier.  Now why would a station sit on this story for weeks, only to report on it the night before a major election?

After their efforts in the closing days of the election, WSYX had to be in victory party mode when yesterday’s results came in.  Fortunately for us, consummate professional Dana Jay took time out from the celebration to report the news to the people.  Issue 2 was a loaded topic for many Ohioans, and Ms Jay approached the topic in the same spirit last night.

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