No, It’s Not Okay if Obama Wins

In an era filled with professional political pundits who at times seem more interested in 1-upping each other rather than genuinely addressing the realities of the day, Matt Lewis has officially taken the cake.  In his column today for the Daily Caller, Lewis explains to us all that it really wouldn’t be that bad to lose in November.  Quite the contrary: he tells us that it could actually be the best thing to ever happen to conservatism to sit back and wait four more years.

Lewis’ columns are often quite interesting and thoughtful, but his release today is so utterly illogical and counter-intuitive that it can best be explained as the case of a man simply outsmarting himself.  This would be innocuous enough were it not for the dangers such a silly contention could pose if taken seriously.  By setting up a rhetorical forest of straw-man arguments, Lewis’ column tries to make people disbelieve their own eyes and ears about the state of America today.

Reading his column, then wanting those minutes of my life back compelled me to write a rebuttal of sorts.  For the truth is far simpler than Lewis’ strained presentation: an Obama victory would be bad for America, thus bad for American conservatism.

Now Lewis does try to provide rationales for his contention, but at every stage he tries far too hard to make himself and others buy in to the conjecture.  The most laughable of these are the mental gymnastics he endeavors in to diminish the importance of Supreme Court appointments.

Lewis readily concedes that the next Presidential term could include 2 or 3 appointments, and that an Obama administration would ensure these picks tilt the Court to a liberal majority.  But the explanation he gives for why this doesn’t matter is solely that Republicans’ track record on appointments is not perfect.  Seriously, that’s the entire basis of his dismissing this issue: that Mitt might not go 3 for 3 making selections.

As with so many other parts of his column, here Lewis tries to make the perfect the enemy of the good.  Of course Lewis instantly seems to dismiss here the possibility a Romney administration would get it right, that the man who has already brought on the legendary Robert Bork as a legal adviser might avoid the mistakes past Republicans made.  But even if Lewis’ fears came true, if 1 of Romney’s picks turned out a mistake, he seems to find no discernible difference between Mitt potentially going 2 for 3 and Obama calculating going 3 for 3 making far-left selections.  These are clearly different realities, but Lewis either cannot or does not see this.

On foreign policy, Lewis has evidently concluded that the alpha and omega of our international relations boils down to drone strikes and that Obama’s aggression in this 1 area makes their total views relatively similar.  Here even Lewis must concede differences, but in an effort to salvage his argument he concedes them only on secondary issues (Russia) before declaring these irrelevant too.  What you won’t find mentioned anywhere in Lewis’ column are numerous areas posing major challenges to American foreign policy: Iran, China, the European fiscal crisis, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, the UN and its potential gun grab, and more.  But to read Lewis, one would conclude that similar views on drone strikes makes all else irrelevant.

Now there is mention of Israeli policy, but only long enough for Lewis to try and make the laughable claim that Romney and Obama don’t differ there. Here again, he bases a logic-defying conclusion on a single piece of evidence: a 1-sentence quote by the Israeli Defense Minister that Obama’s done a good job in regard to Israeli security

Time to Panic in Chicago

For weeks now, Obama 2012 has been throwing everything in sight at Mitt Romney in the desperate hope that these efforts could effectively destroy Romney’s viability.  From debunked pro-Obama media charges of rampant outsourcing, to invented outrage over tax returns, and even baseless and reckless cries of ‘Felon!’, the Chicago smear machine has been working in overdrive.

But today, we received a glimpse into just what it gained for them: Absolutely Nothing.

In the above CBS/New York Times poll released today, Romney now leads Obama, 47%-46%.  These numbers reflect a survey of all registered voters, as opposed to a likely voter model that tends to be both more accurate and more favorable to Republican candidates.  Indeed, this poll was weighted to reflect a 6-point edge for Democrats over Republicans.  The headline is bad enough for President Obama, but a look at the questions asked within the poll shows just how much fear this must put into the White House tonight. 

Obama’s job approval continues to be well below 50%.  Just 44% approve of Obama’s Presidency, with 46% saying they disapprove.  But on the defining issue of this campaign, the economy, Obama posts an extremely poor number.  Here his approval drops to just 39%, with well over half of registered voters (55%) disapproving.  It would appear that screaming “Bain!” over and over again hasn’t helped Obama make people forget about 8.2% unemployment and anemic GDP growth.
On his signature legislation, even a victory at the Supreme Court can’t dissipate the opposition America has to Obamacare.  50% of those surveyed (and 52% of independents) continue to oppose the legislation, while only 36% approve.  This is an identical margin to what the poll found 3 months earlier, when 34% supported Obamacare while 48% opposed.  
This poll also asked who would do better on several key issues, and Romney comes out ahead on many of the critical factors of this election.  Asked who would do a better job on the economy/jobs, 49% surveyed said Romney, with only 41% for Obama.  Perhaps more significant, this lead on the economy swells to 20 points among independent voters (54%-34%).  Romney holds a similar lead overall on illegal immigration (46-38), a slightly smaller lead on taxes (47-42), and a sizable 14 point lead on the federal budget deficit (50-36).  These numbers tell all you need to know about why Obama’s terrified of a campaign run on issues.
But wait, there’s more!  Nearly 2/3rds of those surveyed said Obama’s economic policies contributed either some (30%), or a lot (34%) to our economic troubles.  A mere 17% actually believe that the Obama economic plan has actually created improvement, while 46% (and 53% of independents) believe Obama’s policies will never make things better.

Perhaps most telling of all are the numbers of how people view the candidates personally.  This has always been a strength for Obama: even as his job approval numbers sank, many still seemed to like him personally. This is no longer the case.  Obama’s personal favorable rating is now 12 points negative, 36% favorable to 48% unfavorable.  Those numbers plummet even further to 28%-52% among independents.  Romney’s numbers here are not great (32% favorable, 36% unfavorable), but he’s running stronger than Obama, particularly with independent voters (32-31).  Plus nearly 1/3 of voters (31%) still do not have a firm opinion of Romney on this issue, despite all the mud hurled his way by the left.  All the Obama distortions seem to have done is make him less popular with voters.

While it’s important to remember that there’s still a long way to go in this election (it is only July, after all), the numbers Obama carries into the fall seem unlikely to change much.  Americans dislike this Presidency, dislike his signature legislative achievement, and they do not trust him to lead on the critical issues of the day.  
It makes it all so clear why the strategy from Jim Messina and the rest of Obama’s senior staff is a smear campaign: they can’t win any other way.  But weeks of their desperate, flailing efforts to land a blow to Mitt Romney are proving to have failed.  It’s panic time in Chicago, and they’re running low on tricks to use.

Liberal AstroTurf Hecklers

For over 3 years now, the Obama administration and its allies have attempted to boast about the number of “saved or created” jobs they are responsible for.  Today, some evidence of a Team Obama program that actually stimulates job growth came to light courtesy of BuzzFeed.  In this story, McKay Coppins highlights how Obama’s campaign and their union boss allies are paying people to protest at Romney events.

The labor front group “Good Jobs Now” sent about 15 “volunteers” out to heckle a Romney event in Michigan today.  Traveling on a chartered bus, they were a small gang of self-described “concerned citizens”.  But the only thing they seemed to be concerned with was making some easy money.

“two protesters said they were getting paid to stand outside of the rally, though their wage is unclear: one said she was getting $7.25 per hour, while another man said they were being paid $17 per hour.”

 As usual, the liberal “grassroots” effort was AstroTurf purchased in a classified ad.  But this effort raises a couple of questions about the hiring practices of the big labor unions.

Democrats love to talk about the need for a “living wage” for everyone, guiding by the illogical notion that dramatically raising the minimum wage can occur without resulting in fewer jobs and/or high inflation.  It’s even the “featured post” on Good Jobs Now’s website. Yet the first protester said she was making $7.25 an hour for her time.  Not only is that not a ‘living wage’, it’s 15 cents less than Michigan’s current minimum wage.

But maybe the root of that problem is something far more insidious, something liberals have been warning us about for years.  Only the female protester was being paid $7.25 per hour.  When Coppins went to one of the male protesters, he was told that the pay was $17 per hour.

The so-called gender wage gap has always been a disputed issue, but now there can be no question.  With the female protester making 43 cents on the dollar of her male counterpart for the same work in Michigan today, the discrimination at hand is clear.  It is time for women everywhere to be protected from the misogynistic wage scale of union-backed ‘Good Jobs Now’, and I call on the organization to institute equal pay for equal work!

With the words of today’s hecklers as evidence, it seems quite likely that some or all of these other groups of “concerned citizens” demonstrating against Mitt Romney are nothing more than paid stooges for Obama and labor union’s cause.  So if you happen to see them at any events in the next few months just ignore them and let them carry on.  After all, no one likes being disturbed when they’re at work.

Romney HQ Opens in Columbus

Today, the first Ohio headquarters for Mitt Romney’s campaign held its grand opening in Columbus.  The event was a part of today’s “Buckeye Blitz”, with volunteers in all 88 counties going door-to-door to speak with voters.  
Even before the official opening time of Noon, the building was packed with supporters as others waited to get inside.  Around 250 people sent an RSVP to attend, and the overflow crowd that filled the offices was even larger than anticipated.
People congregate outside of Romney HQ in Columbus, waiting to enter.

Several speakers addressed the crowd gathered inside, including Congressman Steve Stivers, State Auditor Dave Yost, and Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo, in the lead up to the remarks of the day’s featured speaker, Senator Rob Portman.

Portman drew a clear contrast between the failed policies of the Obama administration and the pro-growth agenda a Romney presidency would install.  Portman highlighted the remarks by Obama about how the private sector’s ‘doing just fine’, and highlighted what a disconnect from reality this statement was.  “If you don’t understand the problem, it’s very hard to come up with the right solution”, Portman declared.

But the message that was carried throughout the day by speakers and volunteers alike was the importance of getting involved.  While many see campaigns as a marathon, Portman described what’s to come as “a 150 day sprint” to those gathered.  The whole program lasted just over an hour by design, with Portman and the other officials present joining people leaving headquarters to go out & knock on doors after.  The volunteers who had greeted people as they arrived were now ready to equip people with walk lists and campaign lit.
The recent victory in Wisconsin was the product of a massive grassroots effort.  Over 4 million voter contacts were made by the Walker campaign, and they were vital to victory.  Defeating the Obama machine will require an effort even greater than that here in Ohio, and every bit of time and effort people can give is vital.  
If you’re in or around Columbus, you can help make sure Obama’s a 1-term President by stopping by Romney headquarters at 1335 Dublin Rd., Suite 110F in Columbus.  Phone banks are open from 9am-9pm Monday through Friday, and 9am-5pm on Saturdays.  For those not in Central Ohio, there will undoubtedly be other locations opening around the state in the coming weeks as well as many party victory centers operating near you.  
The next 5 months will go by faster than any of can imagine.  With the kickoff of the general election efforts today, and the news that Romney and Obama will be visiting Ohio next week, the battle for the Buckeye State has begun in earnest.  The time to get involved and help rectify the mistake from four years ago is now.

Kentucky, Arkansas Dems won’t commit to Obama

A couple weeks ago, we told you about President Obama’s problems convincing West Virginia Democrats to vote for him over federal inmate Keith Judd.  Last night the states of Kentucky and Arkansas held Presidential primaries for both parties, and Pres. Obama faced similarly formidable competition.  While Governor Romney was winning more than 2/3rds of the GOP vote with Paul, Santorum, and Gingrich’s names still on the ballot as options, over 40% of Democrats in both states rejected President Obama.

Obama was the only human being on the Democratic primary ballot in Kentucky.  His only opponent was the ‘uncommitted’ line found on both party’s ballots in the state.  Faced with a fierce challenge from this inanimate word, Obama mustered only 57.9 percent of his party’s vote.  Uncommitted won more counties than the President, and the state was almost dead even outside of the city of Louisville.  As recently as 1996, the Bluegrass State was blue in support of President Clinton’s re-election bid.

Arkansas featured an actual human being standing in for the uncommitted juggernaut, a man named John Wolfe, Jr..  Mr. Wolfe has been a perennial candidate for office in his home state of Tennessee, running six times over the last 15 years to be a member Congress, Mayor of Chattanooga, and a State Senator.  He was unsuccessful on each occasion.  He is currently prohibited from running for state or local office in Tennessee due to an unpaid campaign fine for failing to file a campaign finance report from 2007.  Needless to say, Mr. Wolfe isn’t exactly Ted Kennedy challenging President Carter.

Despite this, Wolfe won 41.6 percent of Arkansas Democrats’ votes.  Wolfe claimed nearly half the state’s counties, including Craighead County in the northeastern corner of the state.  Craighead is home to the Arkansas’ 5th largest city of Jonesboro, which is a college town home to Arkansas State University (part of the young voter block that’s supposed to be a strength of the President’s).

When Pat Buchanan won 37% of the NH vote against President George H.W. Bush, the media wasted no time declaring it to be a massive upset for the incumbent and a clear sign of a divided party.  Obama has lost over 40% of his party’s vote in 3 consecutive states, yet the gloom and doom predictions seen in the past are largely absent.

While it is true that Kentucky and Arkansas are states all but assured to be in the Republican column in November, the huge segment of Democrats in these states who will not support the President’s re-election is a serious red flag for team Obama.  The rural, blue collar Democrats who rejected him in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Arkansas are found in SE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, states critical to deciding the election.  Just as the Reagan Democrats who abandoned Jimmy Carter turned the election of 1980 into a landslide, these voters disenchanted with Obama’s far left agenda could soon be known as the Romney Democrats of 2012.

SC Union Boss Celebrates Retirement by Whacking Nikki Haley Pinata

With the Obama campaign focused on their phony “war on women” narrative, the image of a female governor being hit in effigy by one of the GOP’s key bases of support would be a tremendous boon to their efforts.  As luck would have it, just such an event took place recently in South Carolina.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, it was Republican Governor Nikki Haley turned into a pinata for AFL-CIO boss Donna Dewitt’s retirement ceremony. 

Dewitt is no run of the mill union member either, as she is the outgoing state president of the union.  Calling the pinata effigy a “tough old bird”, Dewitt hits it repeatedly to cheers of “hit her again” and “that one’s for me” from the union members gathered.

Imagine for just a minute the reaction from the left if the roles were reversed: if this had been an NRA event in Washington state, and the governor on that pinata was Democrat Christine Gregoire.  There would be media outrage, howls from liberals about the misogyny on display, and a White House address to speak on this “teachable moment”.

But because the governor in question is a rising Republican star, the media reaction has been muted.  Governor Haley herself has made just one public comment about this, a post on Twitter questioning whether this was the message the AFL-CIO really wanted to have displayed.  The RNC has also condemned the display in a statement from Co-Chairman Sharon Day today, yet still the reaction of many media outlets has been indifference.

As Governor Haley stands up for her state’s pro-growth policies, big union forces in the state can only resort to belittling and demonizing in response.  In South Carolina and throughout the nation, the new generation of Republican leaders fighting to restore proper restraint to government are forced to endure ugly and juvenile attacks like this one from liberal stalwarts unable to win the battle of ideas.

The Presumptive Nominee’s Problem With the Base

After months of hotly-contested primary contests for the Republican nomination, it is now clear that the election in the fall will be between President Obama and Governor Romney.  But one of the lingering questions that remains from the primaries is how satisfied party members are with their nominee.  There are countless stories being written daily over how one candidate must find a way to unite his party.

Tonight’s Presidential primaries in West Virginia and North Carolina have confirmed this.  Faced with discredited opposition in WV, and no human opposition in NC, the dissatisfaction of the base is evident.  Only, it’s not Mitt Romney who is losing huge segments of his party under those conditions: it’s Barack Obama.

In West Virginia tonight, the President’s only opponent on the Democratic ballot is a man named Keith Judd from Beaumont, Texas.  To be more specific, Mr. Judd is a resident of Beaumont Federal Correction Institution, where he is nearing the end of a 210 month sentence for extortion.  Judd managed to get his name on the Democratic ballot in Idaho 4 years ago, polling 1.7% against Obama and Hillary Clinton.
But tonight, Judd is winning 38% of the West Virginia Democratic vote with over 1/3 of the vote in. (Update: Judd is now up to 40.4% with most precincts in.)

At least in West Virginia there’s an actual person for Obama to lose support to.  The North Carolina ballot lists only Barack Obama and “no preference”.  As I write this, over 20% of North Carolina Democrats cast votes for “no preference”, with over 1/2 of precincts reporting.  North Carolina was a state Obama won 4 years ago, and tonight’s state primary featured a highly competitive gubernatorial race as well as the full state vote over Amendment 1, a ban on gay marriage.

Tonight is not the first example of the President’s problem with voters of his own party.  On Super Tuesday, Obama lost 15 counties in Oklahoma to top-tier opponents like Randall Terry and Jim Rogers.  A couple weeks later, 3 Louisiana parishes chose John Wolfe Jr. (a man currently prohibited from running for state office in Tennessee for failure to file a campaign financial statement in 2007) over the President.  After each contest, the DNC exploited various rules to try & deny these candidates the delegates they would otherwise have earned (a strategy that will almost certainly be used for Keith Judd as well).

As we enter the general election fight, it is increasingly evident that a massive segment of the Democratic Party does not support this President.  Team Obama’s campaign of attacks and distractions will not only be aimed at independents, but at members of their own party.  Results like tonight show them and us that, if this election is a referendum on the President’s job performance, the only “Forward” in President Obama’s future will be the address he’ll need his mail forwarded to.