Yet another Republican group calls on Kevin DeWine to resign

This time, its the Ohio Young Republicans. They’ve had enough of the same shenanigans we’ve been telling you about.

March 26, 2012

Chairman DeWine & State Central Committee,

As the next generation of Republican leaders, the Ohio Young Republicans have a long-term interest in th decisions made by our state and national leaders. While many people talk about this year’s elections and how they might affect our future, we are the ones who will actually have to live with the consequences.

Ohio Republicans have several major priorities in 2012- carrying the state for our Presidential Nominee, winning the US Senate seat currently held by Sherrod Brown, maintaining majorities in the US House and the Ohio Legislature. Anything that distracts from that effort is unacceptable, particularly if it is personal and shortsighted.

The Ohio Young Republicans are disappointed that the leadership of the Ohio Republican Party has been unable to unify a number of the state’s top elected officials, grassroots activists, and Republican organizations. We are also frustrated by the Republican State Central Committee’s actions to, possibly illegally, change the rules by which those who run for the State Central Committee may be seated. Doing so has violated the normal process and tradition for seating duly elected members of the Central Committee.

We are not interested in the past conflicts that have led us to this state of affairs. The actions of Chairman DeWine have shattered the unity of the Party at a most perilous time. We expect our leaders to put aside their personal differences and work together for the good of the Party. But it is clear that Chairman DeWine is unwilling or unable to bring this party back together. We cannot reach the goals and priorities mentioned above under a party that is divided and broken.

In one of the most pivotal years for the Republican Party in decades, we cannot continue under the leadership of Kevin DeWine. While we thank Chairman DeWine for recognizing this by his announcement not to run for re-election, we believe this year’s election is too important to risk further distractions and potential undermining of our Party’s long-term future. The fact remains, the majority of the State Central Committee, our biggest county party organizations, a number of the state’s top elected officials, and numerous grassroots activists and organizations have asked for the resignation of Chairman Kevin DeWine.

With respect, we join those by calling upon Chairman DeWine to resign immediately by working on a co-
operative and orderly transition to new party leadership. More importantly, we request all members of the duly elected State Central Committee to swiftly join our call. We also request the customary process of seating Committee Members to be honored. Lastly, we call for all Republicans to unite in our efforts to carry Ohio this November for the conservative cause.


Ohio Young Republicans
2012 State Board

I’m starting to lose count of all the groups who have come out and asked Kevin DeWine to resign. Seriously, who still supports keeping this guy as chairman? Oh yeah… hackopotamus.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

12 thoughts on “Yet another Republican group calls on Kevin DeWine to resign”

  1. I don’t know what’s the bigger joke – the young Republicans or Kevin DeWine. Neither has the first clue about grassroots politics.

    1. Who cares? My dirty left sock would be an improvement over DeWine. Let’s focus on getting that corrupt, incompetent moron out of office first before he screws up any more opportunities for our party.

    2. Actually, it really does matter. But that pretty much falls in line with this whole movement. It is possible to stop a fire without just waiting for it to burn the whole house down…unless that is your intention…which it seems to be…sad for the grassroots of this Party who are stuck in the middle trying to win elections and not just trying to keep their own jobs

  2. Oh man the Ohio young republicans want him to step down ? It’s definitely serious now, Isn’t it …

  3. To Anonymous who said we “don’t know anything about grassroots politics.” Before you present an uneducated opinion, be sure to understand you need the facts. We support our local, state and federal republican candidates all over this state. The overwhelming numbers of volunteers are YR’s. That is grassroots. We mobilize all across this country for candidates. Stick to what you know… nothing.

    1. Funny that you call out someone for being anonymous and then post anonymously yourself.

      Regardless, the opinion that the YRs do absolutely nothing is far from uneducated. In fact, ask yourself (or someone in the know) the last time the Greater Cleveland YRs did anything (including holding a meeting). Or check their facebook page and you’ll see the number of people who have complained about how the group is all but defunct. Or ask how about their current president Ranucci’s penchant for flashing teenage boys.

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