Zawistowski loses it, lies to the press about 3BP

Tom Zawistowski made false allegations about 3BP
Tom Zawistowski made false allegations about 3BP

So I got a very interesting and unexpected message yesterday. Jo Ingles from NPR Radio contacted me and asked me to call her station. It turns out that Tom Zawistowski was displeased with our article from yesterday reporting that Donald Allen and Kelly Kohls were going to attempt to challenge Governor Kasich in the Republican primary.

They had contacted Zawistowski to confirm the story and he trashed us in return. From NPR’s Andy Chow:

A top Tea Party leader has some harsh words for a conservative blog after it reported about a possible challenge to Gov. John Kasich in the Republican primary.

It started with an article posted Monday afternoon., a right-leaning blog, was reporting that two Tea Party Republicans were trying to get on the ballot to challenge Gov. John Kasich in the primary.

Tom Zawistowski, president of the We The People Convention, slammed the article and said people around Ohio will now try to dig up dirt that will hurt the two Tea Party activists trying to pose a challenge.

“The people who run that blog are paid by the Republican Party and Kasich Administration or one of their crony capitalist flunkies to work full-time to destroy anyone that says anything about the governor. They are thugs. Okay? And they don’t represent the people—and they don’t represent American values.”

Nick Mascari wrote the article on the Third Base Politics website. He stands by his report and adamantly denies receiving any assistance from the Ohio Republican Party or the Kasich Administration.

“I don’t know where Mr. Zawistowski got his information but we make absolutely no money off the blog—we don’t even host advertisements and we’re certainly not paid by anybody so those are absolutely false accusations.”

Be sure to click on over to Chow’s article and read the whole thing. (The most comical part is that he slammed our article but then confirms its accuracy.)

There are so many things wrong with Zawistowski’s statement, that I don’t even know where to begin.

Yes, we openly support Governor Kasich. We don’t agree on absolutely everything, but we agree with 90% of what he has done. I am not a fan of medicaid expansion, didn’t agree at all that the Controlling Board was an appropriate way to get it passed, and we said that publicly.

But there has been plenty for us, and the tea party, to agree on with respect to this governor’s leadership. An $8 billion budget shortfall was overcome without raising taxes. $3 billion in income tax cuts. The state death tax was eliminated. A record amount of money has been put into the state’s rainy fund. He has consistently supported the 2nd Amendment and signed every pro-2A bill to reach his desk. School choice has been expanded. More pro-life measures have been signed than any other Ohio governor.

What we don’t believe in is tearing people down and treating them like our arch enemy over the 10% we don’t agree with.

But under Tom Zawistowski’s leadership of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and his other organizations, that’s exactly what we have.

Zawistowski demands 100% loyalty to his positions. No less. Or he and his organization will tear you down as bad or worse than the Democrats do.

He has every right to that position. It’s a free country. I’m just illustrating the difference between us and the OLC.

Because of this difference, they say we aren’t conservative and label us “cronies”. And now they are even fabricating lies about us.

We reported FACTS about his first LG candidate. We reported the FACTS about Allen and Kohls’ being their new candidates. We backed up these reports with evidence (in the latter case, Tom’s own email.)

In response, he reported lies to the press about us being paid, with nothing to back it up. He can’t produce evidence to back it up, because it isn’t true. He obviously made it up. He also lied to his own members and told them that the ORP was planning to primary conservative members of the Ohio General Assembly. What evidence did he have to back that claim up?

Absolutely none.

It’s not just Zawistowski. Tea Party blog Ohio Media Trackers falsely accused us of getting opposition research on Brenda Mack from the Kasich administration. Without any proof to back it up. The fact is that we received a tip from a reader in Youngstown. We followed it up, and it was all right there on the Clerk of Courts website for anybody with a computer to find. We simply reported the information first, before the professional media.

On both of these stories, we had the information before anyone in the Kasich administration had any clue about it.

We get tips all the time. We have contacts and sources within Ohio’s tea party community. And yes, we have contacts in the Ohio Republican organization, too. We are a volunteer blog that uses information from many different sources.

Sometimes we use it to simply report information as a news story, like my article yesterday. No opinion was offered, only the fact that OLC had new candidates. Other times, we mix in our opinion.

Do we defend the people we support from their opponents? Of course we do.

Obviously, what we do most is go after Democrats. But we aren’t afraid to take on people from the right who are tearing down our candidates, either. And this appears to be what angers Tom Zawistowski. Apparently, he doesn’t like to be challenged.

He rails against Republicans and points out their flaws every single day and defends his people and his positions. But when we point out their flaws, he labels us “thugs”. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, Tom. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

One thing we don’t do is make up lies about somebody and spread them across the state like Zawistowski and the Media Trackers article I referenced above.

Who are the real thugs? Are they the ones who reported the facts about their opponents, or the ones who are making up false accusations and lies?

Tom Z’s credibility may be suffering because he is forcing Ohio’s tea party movement to rely on his multiple hand-chosen candidates who have sordid pasts and tax problems. These are not my opinions. These are facts.

Those kinds of problems will sink a campaign. One only has to look at Ed Fitzgerald’s Kearney debacle to realize that.

By his own admission, Zawistoski never even heard of one of his candidates until two weeks ago, and now is promoting him for the highest office in the state. That’s not how you lead a successful campaign.

In his frustration, he is now taking it out on a couple of volunteer bloggers. His lies to the media about us, and about other topics, are libelous and will only further damage his credibility, and worse, the credibility of the conservative movement.

We aren’t going to lower ourselves to the same level and fight back with the same kind of false accusations and name calling. But we will defend ourselves.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

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  1. C’mon, Nick. This site was founded by Jon Keeling, a former and now again current Kasich aide who was getting paid for opposition negative messaging by the Ohio Republican Party in 2010 while running this site in which he did just that. You can’t expect given that history and the fact that you and Jake never really criticize anything the Governor does (but will criticize other Republicans) that someone isn’t going to naturally suspect that you get fed this stuff by Team Kasich. I mean look at how hypocritically you guys went after Kevin DeWine but said nothing about Matt Borges.

    A friendly tip: next time state in the post that you got this information from a reader in Youngstown. You don’t always have to name your sources, but you should state their background while still protecting the identity of sources who wish to stay anonymous. But when you don’t do that, don’t blame others for suspecting who your sources are.

    You’ve already suggested that the Ohio Liberty Coalition isn’t really conservative because they haven’t been able to get RTW on the ballot. So, yeah, there’s plenty of name calling from you here. You called him and Media Trackers “the real thugs.” You dress it up in a rhetorical question, but c’mon. Don’t do that and then try to claim you’re taking the high road.

    1. Thanks deputy comms director Brian Hester for the response from the Ohio Democratic Party. We certainly did not suggest they weren’t conservative nor call them thugs. The rhetorical question was comparing their actions to ours.

      You’ve been trying to discredit keeling for years with your bs story of him being paid by the ORP. He did former work for congressional candidates and was paid for that. Not for his previous work on 3bp. Thanks for trying though. Tell Redfern we said hello.

  2. I’m not a fan of what Kasich did; in fact, he’s been somewhat of a disappointment, considering that he behaved like the ruling elitists by pushing through the Medicaid expansion. It’s obvious that the people of Ohio do not want it and I highly resented Kasich’s appearing on Fox News, claiming that, when he gets to heaven, he wants to be able to stand in front of God and say he helped the poor. “Poor” is relative in America and “helping the poor” is how we got into this 17 trillion mess.

    That said, you are right that it is ridiculous that we should fight one another, particularly considering the alternatives. I understand making positions clear and warning the Republican Party that they’d better not exclude conservatives but calling names, lying, obfuscating and/or speaking ill of fellow conservatives in public is absolutely wrong.

    Frankly, it’s the way the Left plays politics; it’s the Chicago way. It’s also the sign of amateurs. Can’t stand Karl Rove but the point has to be made that the Tea Party has run some real amateurs by default.

    One hopes this is a growing process; as the Tea Party becomes more a part of political machinations (hopefully not The Machine), I trust we will become more savvy in actually winning. Glenn Beck may be right about many things but I sure hope we don’t go the Ross Perot way.

    I speak for myself alone.

  3. Wow seems the home page here is chock full of Tom Z hate articles. Are you sure you are not waging a war here against the tea party? Tea party sure does come up a lot in your articles and they are not supportive for the most part. I could be wrong I have not read every article but right now looking at the home page it certainly appears to be the case.

    Just so you know there is a separate leader for each individual Tea Party, not one leader over all the groups. Do they get together from time to time….you bet. I have noticed that Kasich has peeved off so many in his core that he can only win reelection if the Dems put up a clown…..and they did!!! Wonder if that’s a hat tip to Kasich from the Dems for his favors to the unions with Kasich’s failing to support SB5, Work place freedom amendment and converting 40 years of highway construction into 20 years for union highway contractors.

    The term RINO appears more and more appropriate for Kasich each and every day. Medicaid expansion is TAX expansion, period. Someone has to pay for that and Kasich is going to dump that tax burden on Ohio tax payers. The Federal government won’t be able to pay its 89% for long. The federal government is 17 trillion dollars PAST broke and Kasich is ensuring Ohio goes down the same road with this huge TAX expansion and his increasing the state budget 20% since taking office. Now this HUGE TAX EXPANSION (medicaid expansion) is going to be dumped onto tax payers backs too.

    Seems to me the folks trying to financially destroy this country are everywhere….including Columbus.

    1. Tom Z has only been mentioned a lot here lately because he didn’t like our reporting and he went to the media and lied about us. Lies which he has still not backed up or retracted. Then he went on TV and tried it again. Do you blame us for setting the record straight?

      Nothing we have said is at all hateful, so, no, they are not “hate articles”.

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