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Zawistowski still fancies himself relevant, pleads with Trump

Ohio tea party leader and clown Tom Zawistowski is still at it. He still writes open letters to politicians as if he matters. He publishes them as if he has an iota of influence. He doesn’t.

He once promised that Governor John Kasich would lose reelection in 2014. He proceeded to recruit a number of laughable candidates to run against the governor. He said he had the organization to propel them to victory in the primary against Kasich. He couldn’t even get them on the ballot.

That year he also aimed to knock off a couple dozen other incumbents in that year’s primary. Once again, he bragged about the strength of his “organization”.

Can you feel the Panic in the Political Establishment???

Can you feel the change coming? Can you feel the power of the people surging? Can you sense the panic from the political establishment?
Have you heard about Shannon Jones begging RINO Senate Leader Keith Faber for more money for mailings this week because she is afraid of Kelly Kohl’s? Have you heard about the poll in the 8th Congressional district that shows John Boehner below 50% in his race against J.D. Winteregg? Do you know that Union backed RINO Dave Joyce in NEOhio is only at 35% in the polls and fighting for his life against Matt Lynch? 

Our “sweat equity” will beat their money…

He failed in spectacular fashion. He always does. No one in politics “panics” when Tom Z. opens his big mouth. They just laugh.

He promoted Lynch against Dave Joyce again in 2016. I’ll let you guess what the result was.

So here we are now, and just as I suspected would happen, President Donald Trump has stabbed conservatives in the back. The repeal of Obamacare couldn’t get enough votes. Instead of taking some of the responsibility for this failure (he said it would be easy and fast, remember?), he blamed everyone around him except himself. It’s what Trump does.

But then today, he actually called out the House Freedom Caucus by name in another one of his ill-advised tweets.

Poor Tom. He jumped on the Trump train during the primary and now Trump is stabbing him in the back.

So he penned one of his open letters to Trump. It’s pathetic.

Dear Mr. President,

We, the undersigned conservative leaders in the swing state of Ohio, voted for you and worked hard to bring others to the polls to elect you last November. We want to see you succeed in Making America Great Again! We appreciate much of what you have already done in the first few months of your administration.

However, we respectfully ask you to stand with our conservative heroes in the Freedom Caucus, along with other conservatives in the House and Senate. These patriots are working to keep the campaign promises that you–and they–made to us.

Please work with members of the Freedom Caucus, not against them, to ensure you are all successful in keeping your campaign promises and “draining the swamp.” Mr. President, we are praying for your success as you work to rebuild our nation.

Yes, Tom. That should do it. I’m sure Trump is reading your letter over and over again, undecided on what to do next. I bet he read your letter and is racked with guilt over his tweet.

Well, Trump did tweet later after Tom published his letter. Let’s see what he said.

Can you feel the panic in the Trump administration? Can you feel the change coming?

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