• Poll: Chris Redfern trailing Steve Kraus in his reelection bid for Ohio House

    by  • October 14, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Republican Steve Kraus is challenging State Rep. Chris Redfern for his seat in the 89th Ohio House district. Redfern, of course, is also the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party.

    Kraus is a Huron businessman and an 11-year Air Force veteran. Below is a video where Kraus talks about further developing Ohio’s energy economy to create jobs.

    Wenzel Strategies just released a poll showing Kraus beating Redfern by two points in a district that Redfern won by over 40 points in 2012.

    The poll sampled 508 likely voters in the district. Wenzel is a Republican pollster, and question 10 is clearly a push question. However, it comes AFTER question 8, which is the key question on the Redfern/Kraus race.

    Now I have concerns about Wenzel. They have been inaccurate in the past. They had Mitt Romney winning Ohio and Josh Mandel beating Sherrod Brown right before the 2012 election. However, these results still indicate that Kraus is, at worst, within striking distance and that Redfern has a real fight on his hands this time around.

    House Speaker Batchelder and ORP Chairman Matt Borges have attended fundraisers for Kraus. Kraus contends that Redfern is bad for Republicans, even worse for Democrats (see “Wreck of the Edward Fitzgerald”), and terrible for Ohio.

    Kraus is asking for last minute support and funds to get him over the finish line. You can support him through his website.

    We already believe that Chris Redfern will be losing his job as ODP Chairman after the election. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to see him kicked out of the Ohio House as well?


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