• Rumor mill: Sherrod Brown making moves to oust Chris Redfern as ODP Chairman

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    ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

    ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

    Ever since Ed Fitzgerald’s epic self-induced collapse, we’ve been speculating that Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern is living on borrowed time.

    Redfern failed to properly vet the man he promoted to be on the top of his ticket, neglecting the simple check of Fitz’s driving record. Redfern even attempted to defend himself by telling us that we don’t really understand what vetting is.

    “Vetting is an interesting word mentioned by those who aren’t really educated in the field of politics and how political campaigns are run.”

    Apparently Joe Vardon understands what vetting is, but I digress…

    Redfern’s end as chairman could come more swiftly than we thought.

    The rumors are flying that Senator Sherrod Brown is extremely displeased and has had enough. Multiple sources, who asked to remain anonymous, are telling 3BP that he is putting together a team and a plan to replace Chris Redfern as the head of the ODP.

    It’s no mystery that many Ohio Democrats are upset about this years governor’s race, and are pointing the finger at Redfern.

    But who has enough pull, enough influence, to do anything about it? Redfern was just reelected three months ago to another 4-year term, after all.

    Sherrod Brown is the only one.

    He’s the only non-judicial Ohio Democrat elected to a statewide office. And, considering the damage that Ed Fitzgerald and Chris Redfern have done to their statewide ticket, it’s looking very likely that it will stay that way until at least 2018.

    According to Brent Larkin, Brown has already thrown Fitzgerald overboard,

    Even Sen. Sherrod Brown has tossed FitzGerald overboard, telling the Dayton Daily News his efforts will “be aimed at the four others on the ticket,” Democrats he described as “about the best group of four candidates that I’ve seen in my 30-plus years in this state in politics.”

    Note Brown’s math. He can count to five, but chose to stop at four.

    The name that keeps coming up as Brown’s replacement for Redfern is Denny Wojtanowski.

    Wojtanowski is a former state representative and co-founder of Democratic Voices, described as “a non profit entity committed to advancing Democratic interests. We are web based and use video to help remind ourselves of the values, ideals and principles that make us Democrats.”

    Dave Leland is also reported to be involved.

    Earlier, Rachel updated us on how Chris Redfern is starting to distance himself from the “Wreck of the Edward Fitzgerald”.

    I’ve never met a former FBI agent who doesn’t have a driver’s license,” Redfern told the Times’ Trip Gabriel, who described the exchange as a figurative finger pointed at FitzGerald. “It’s akin to saying, ‘Damn, I should have my umbrella’ after it rains.”

    Nice try, Chris. This was 100% your responsibility. And you blew it.

    Time will tell whether these rumors are true, but if Republicans sweep the statewide offices again in November, I’d expect the fallout to be swift. Democrats will be angry and demand to hold someone accountable for the disaster. The cries for Redfern’s resignation or firing will be deafening. Will it be Sherrod Brown who acts?


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