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Ohio Democrats try to squash free speech and lose

lundy-liarLying Matt Lundy is back in the news again.

Lundy used to be a state rep who lied directly to certain voters in order to get their votes, only to turn around and do the exact opposite after the election.

But when he was term-limited after 8 years in the Ohio House, he needed a new job. So he ran for Lorain County Commissioner and narrowly won in this heavily blue county.

So why is Matt back in the news, where he likes to be?

Matt saw that there were vendors at the Lorain County Fair that sold flags and merchandise, some of which included the Confederate flag. He got angry and demanded that the fair board immediately ban the Confederate flag from the fair.

“I was very disappointed this week to see confederate flags and associated merchandise being displayed and sold at the county fair this year,” he wrote in a statement he presented. “I took my concern to the fair board office and board president Kim Meyers.

“I told him I found the confederate flag and merchandise offensive and that it had no place at our county fair.”

He added that it’s sad that the confederate flag has taken the lives of nine churchgoers in South Carolina, adding that it took so long to bring down the flag of “hate and division” in that state and everywhere else in the country.

Lundy actually believes that a flag murdered those nine people. How ludicrous.

Now, personally, I’d never display the Confederate flag. It’s not a symbol I want to be associated with in any way whatsoever. But I do believe in the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech.

Thankfully, the fair board agreed and refused Lundy’s demand.

That’s when Lorain County Democratic Party Chairman Anthony Giardini decided to throw a temper tantrum and close down the party’s booth at the fair.

The Lorain County Democratic Party shut down its booth at the Lorain County Fair on Thursday to protest the Fair Board’s decision to allow the sale and display of the Confederate flag at the fairgrounds.

The move came a day after county Commissioner Matt Lundy, a Democrat, called on the Fair Board to ban the Confederate flag, which he called a symbol of hatred and division.

“I speak for our party and our party, as long as I am chairman, is not going to support an event or organization that allows that flag to be displayed or sold,” he said.

The fair board had told Lundy and Giardini that they would have a discussion about the issue for next year’s fair. That decision is in, and again the board made the right decision. They chose the Bill of Rights over the Democrat’s demands of censorship.

The Lorain County Fair Board has no plans to bar the sale of the at the fairgrounds.

Fair Board President Kim Meyers told the board during its Tuesday meeting that the committee overseeing vendors and concessions discussed the controversy over the flag that came up during last month’s fair.

“We think the current policy in place works well, and I’m not advocating any changes,” he said.

Meyers asked if anyone else on the board wanted to weigh in on the issue, but no one commented.

It remains to be seen whether the Lorain County Democrats will boycott the fair next year. All three commissioners are Democrats, and two of them are up for reelection next year.

I sure hope the flags at next year’s fair don’t kill anybody.

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