Mysterious letters sent to Ohio Cruz and Rubio supporters urging them to vote for Kasich

I received a letter today. It was postmarked as being mailed from New York City but had no return address. This is what I found inside with the letter.


My phone was also inundated with messages from other people who received the same letter. They were also sent to people who support Ted Cruz.


The letter was sent from someone named Eric Hoffman, who purports to be a born-and-raised Ohioan who now lives in Connecticut. He doesn’t explain why the letter was mailed from New York City.


(Update: Mr. Hoffman contacted me and said that he works in NYC and mailed the letters from there.)

He explains in his letter that he looked up who the delegates for Cruz and Rubio are in Ohio, and is sending them the same letter in hopes that we can help swing the vote in Ohio to John Kasich in order to stop Trump. (I am a delegate for Rubio). The full letter can be viewed here: Page 1, Page 2.

Mr. Hoffman’s idea sounds like a strategic one. After all, Mitt Romney advised people in Ohio to vote for Kasich to stop Trump. But Romney also advised voters in Florida to vote for Marco Rubio to deny that state to Trump.

I emailed him and asked him if he also contacted Cruz and Kasich delegates in Florida to urge them to vote for Rubio, and he said he did not.

I do take some issue with his letter. A vote for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio is also a vote against Trump. Even if I was tempted to follow his advice, which I am not, it’s too late anyway, since I already voted early.

As long as Mr. Hoffman is not connected to the Kasich campaign or his supper-PAC, what he did was perfectly legal. What’s not known is if Mr. Hoffman is trying to help Kasich, or truly wants to stop Trump.

I agree completely with him that Trump would be a horrible choice as our nominee, but as a delegate for Rubio, I promised to support Rubio, so that’s what I will be doing. I presume the Cruz delegates and my fellow Rubio delegates feel the same way.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

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  1. Author of the letter here. Thanks for the coverage and sorry for any alarm. As the letter states, I am not affiliated with any campaign or super PAC — I’m just a concerned dad who got tired of watching Trump in the debates and answering questions from my kids about what will happen if Trump becomes President. So I decided to do something about it — democracy in action. When I saw the proposed delegate slates had been published, including on this site, I was inspired to think that I could reach out to folks with great influence and I got to work. But I’m only one guy and didn’t have the info or time or any connection to Florida, and so I focused on stopping Trump in Ohio.

    Some folks have emailed me wondering about why I’m doing this and who I am supporting. The motivation should be fairly clear (stopping Trump), but I’ve chosen not to disclose my leanings towards any candidate for fear that the message will get tuned out by one camp or another. We all need to have the same goal on March 15: Stop Trump!

    1. So touching Eric. Can you tell us what did you tell your kids when a progressive thug who was openly disdainful for our military, Constitution, and Bill of Rights ran for President? And what do you tell your kids now when they ask you about Hillary Clinton, a money grubbing, serial liar (who BTW is married to another proven liar — under oath — and who also engaged in “sexual relations” with a 22-something subordinate while in the oval office while working as POTUS)? Your kids not worried what will happen under Hillary and Bill? No letters to Ohioans in support of Bernie? Oh sorry, Eric is Hillary your candidate?

      1. Way off the mark, Bernie. Clearly Hillary is licking her chops at the thought of running against Trump. If I wanted Hillary for President, I’d sit idly by and watch Trump make an embarrassment out of the party. I am hoping like hell that doesn’t happen.

        1. OK my apologies then. But it is hard for me to see why you feel disingenuous, double-crossing sellouts — aka mainstream republicans (like McConnell and Boehner) are less a threat than Donald Trump’s disgusting behavior and out of control mouth? And that boyishness really isn’t the issue for the McConnell’s et al. STOP TRUMP movement anyway is it? They would be doing the same thing if Cruz were the front runner? They are only concerned about those who might be threat to the cushy little scam they have been running on conservative voters. They made Trump now let them stew in him. Not sure at all sure you are correct that Trump would be easy for Hillary to beat. I agree with L. Smith — PUT YOUR CARDS ON THE TABLE or risk being mischaracterized.

          1. should have been “boorishness” — stinking auto correcter — why can’t we have edit capabilities?

  2. I received your letter today and I’m more annoyed than anything. I am a Ted Cruz supporter and this is complete garbage you are sending out. It has nothing to do with helping the Cruz campaign, and, if anything, would only help Trump. If you want Ted Cruz to win, you support and vote for Ted Cruz. What you DON’T do is send out misleading letters in a feigned attempt to solicit and garner more votes for Kasich, who has no chance other than to guarantee a Trump victory by splitting the remaining votes between Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich. Having no one vote for Kasich is the best scenario – if Kasich bowed out gracefully because he knows damn well he is going nowhere, then Ted Cruz would take Ohio.

    1. +10

      I was talking to a friend who was planning to vote for Kasich and told me how much he hated Trump. I asked him why he was voting for Kasich. He started defending Kasich. I told him I was not criticizing Kasich’s candidate quality, only his continued presence in the race. I asked my friend if he thought Kasich could win the nomination. He said no. I asked who his number 2 was. He said Cruz. I suggested that if all or many Kasich supporters had Cruz as their number 2, and Kasich dropped, and they all voted Cruz, then OH would go to Cruz. I pointed out that if he really did not want Trump, and he was good with Cruz, then he should be voting for Cruz not Kasich, and that by voting Kasich he was helping Trump. He said that made sense and he would really rethink his support for Kasich. Who knows if he will change, but there is hope.

      The longer the people who obviously can not win stay in the race, the more they help Trump. Kasich is absolutely without question one of those who has no hope of winning. Rubio has more chance than Kasich, but I think he is pretty much delusional if he thinks he can win at this point, despite Darvio’s ridiculous conclusions from the Puerto Rico primary.

      If Kasich stays, he splits Ohio making it more likely that Trump wins our state and extremely unlikely that Cruz (or even Rubio) has a chance. And he is likely to lose here anyway.

      If Rubio stays, he does the same thing in Florida as Kasich does in Ohio. And again, he is likely to lose anyway.

      Do you get it, Eric? As Nick pointed out in a post about two weeks ago “a vote for John Kasich is now a vote for Donald Trump.”

      1. Bryan, I can’t argue with your logic, but your premise is mistaken: Cruz can’t win Ohio and Kasich is not dropping out before March 15. So Kasich is the Stop Trump option in Ohio, and the earlier post you referred to is really obsolete at this point.

        I appreciate your views. Thanks.

        1. Eric, you have two things right – Kasich will not drop before March 15, because he is another egotistical establishment RINO hack who would rather aggrandize himself than help our country – and Cruz can’t win, because Kasich (not to mention Rubio) is staying in and preventing Cruz from uniting the real conservatives who give a damn about our country

          #DropOutKasich #DeadManStillRunning #NoMoreShrinkingViolets #NoRINOsAllowed

    2. john Kasich would run another McCain/Romney type campaign — being afraid to take the fight to directly Hillary and cowering in fear that she will call him “extreme” or “intolerant” or “misogynistic” or whatever other handy words democrats use to intimidate milk-toast republicans like Kasich. Would he stand in front of her under the cameras on the national debate stage and ask her why she stood by her abusing and rapist husband by trashing the female victims? No, of course not – – he’d go on Fox News the next day to talk big and to show that he was “tough”. Would he go after her directly on the deaths that happened on her watch? No, that is too confrontational and he would have to stay “presidential”. Like he often says if he gets too aggressive r confrontational his wife and daughters wouldn’t speak to him. If he feels that way fine – -but then stay the hell out of the fray and let a real fighter do the job. #NO MORE SHRINKING VIOLETS

    3. I think Ted Cruz had this sent out. He did not send it to Florida for Rubio and therefore it is likely Cruz. I think he know if Rubio wins Florida that Cruz would be out.. Cruze won’t beat Trump. So if Cruze wanted a chance he should have also backed Rubio.. When and if Rubio goes out I will probably back Trump..

    1. If only it were that simple. When Clinton beats Trump, I wonder if you’ll be singing a different (sadder) tune. We’ve got to stop Trump or there will be dire consequences for the party and the country. Try to take the long-view. Best regards.

      1. Eric if Clinton beats Trump it will be because RINOs band together to help the Hillary and the democrats defeat the legitimate republican nominee. Trump should not be the GOP leader – Ted Cruz should be. He is a brilliant, principled conservative and well-spoken republican who happens to be Hispanic.

        ButTed was black balled by the slugs like McConnell and Boehner (you can include Kasich) because he would not play along with their phony, disingenuous and deceitful games of screwing the voters. Unlike the RINO’s, Ted meant to do what he promised the electors in his campaign. You have the cart before the horse I am afraid.

        1. You are all completely out of touch with the American people. Trump will slaughter Hillary in the general and that’s why she keeps hitting on Trump because she is afraid of him, she never mentions the other 3 so called conservative sell outs. The RNC, the DNC, Liberal and Conservative Media, The Pope, The Chinese, The Mexicans, every minority group you can think of, Obama,Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, and that stinking Willard Romney have thrown every tiny piece of dirt they could find and when they couldn’t find anything, they made shit up, but got no traction….

          I found it Hillarious that a so called conservative Cruz guy is scheming with a Hillary liberal on how to take down Trump… Down right comical reading the back and forth between you two.. The fact is Trump is not selling us out.. Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Hillary and Bernie have all blamed Trump for the low life protesters, BLM, Move On, terrorist Bill Ayers and other ignorant fascist liberal groups and it has only made his margins widen…

          The fact is all of the other establishment candidates with the exception of Sanders wants to completely outsource every job left in this country and flood it with illegal immigrants and terrorist refuges, NOT TRUMP! Every single one of them want these god awful trade deals, NOT TRUMP, Trump truly does want to make America great again and he is the only one who has not been bought and paid for… Cruz on the other hand is just as big of a political whore as Hillary. Cruz raised 36 million dollars from just 4 people…

          The establishment, and Cruz is establishment, just because he is hated doesn’t make him an outsider, continually pander to foreign nations, foreign corporations, foreign visa holders and foreign illegal invaders… NOT TRUMP. He’s going to work for the American people.

          Let’s face it boys and girls, the American people have been shit on by every political class out there for decades and we are not going to take this shit lying down anymore. We elect our useless leaders and they do nothing for the people but of course they make a lifetime career of sucking off the tax payers and getting wealthy from people like Eric and his Law Firm that pay these prostitutes to undermine the will of the American people….

          Tomorrow is the day that will make you all slit your wrists because Trump is going to sweep right through all your not stop attacks schemes and lies to take it home.
          Cruz, KaSICK, and the Rube will all be has beens that have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of other peoples money trying to stop Trump . God I love that true American Patriot Trump! You keep your elephants and your donkeys, we are now with the party of the LION, well maybe the Cruz supporters are with the party of the LYEN TED! Get your crying towels ready for the big day!

      2. did you see the latest poll that shows Cruz beats Trump IF they are HEAD-TO-HEAD??? That means if your boy Kasich and his GOPe nephew Rubio #GetOut Cruz wins

        you wanna tell someone to take the long view? tell Kasich and Rubio to take the long view and #GetOutNow – and yes, it is that simple

        oh, by the way, I really don’t give a F*** if there are dire consequences for the party any more than they care about the dire consequences they have already given me

        #DropOutKasich #DeadManStillRunning #NoMoreShrinkingViolets #NoRINOsAllowed

        1. Sorry — totally unrealistic, so recalibrate to reality. The choice you have is to give Trump the delegates, or deny them to him.

          When you think about who to blame if we end up with Hillary, look in the mirror.

  3. Voting for Kasich to help Cruz or Rubio is a self defeating strategy. Cruz is clearly the the only viable alternative to the Trumpster. Even if Cruz does not win OH, he still has a clear way forward to the nomination due to many states that will be favorable to him. Instead of overthinking the strategy, how about we all vote our principles? If ALL (or at least most) of the principled conservatives in Ohio vote for Cruz, he wins. If he does not win OH, Cruz will still be helped by the strongest possible showing in our state.

    1. Jay, I respectfully disagree. Look at the history of primaries. The candidate who rushes out to the lead is usually “crowned” with a victory parade in the later stages. If Trump gets Ohio and Florida, it’s basically over for any Cruz plan to lockup of 51% of the delegates. And then Trump will snowball past 51%. CA, NJ, and NY anyone? Stop Trump Now.

      1. The big prediction of the Kasich campaign was when we get to the mid-west we’ll kick some butt. Well guess what tonight Trump and Cruz just beat Kasich in Michigan…..

        It is amazing to me that anyone could think John Kasich would win the general election against Hillary. Like they did to McCain and Romney, the democrats will walk all over him and he will go lay down by his bowl and pout just like his GOP moderate buddies in 2008 and 2012. How many bites at the apple to you “moderates” think you deserve anyway? After two dramatic fails (three if you count Dole) you still think you know best? Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity.

  4. Eric

    Cruz beats Trump 54% to 41% in a head-to-head contest

    stupid establishment BS created the #CultOfTrump, and stupid establishment BS is not helping

    you need to recalibrate back to Connecticut

    you wanna blame somebody for Trump, try looking in the mirror at your establishment self and all your GOPe buddies including #DeadManStillRunning Kasich

    you don’t have a prayer of changing my mind or anyone else’s here from the look of it, so how about you go bother somebody else – and don’t offer me your best regards, tell me you respectfully disagree or tell me you appreciate my view – because I hold no regard for you, I have no respect for you, and I do not appreciate your view

    maybe you honestly believe what you are saying – fine – you have had your say – now I say the same to you as to your GOPe pals #GetOutKasich #GetOutRubio #GetOutEric


    1. Frankly, this kind of reaction (lack of respect among people who merely disagree) is a symptom of the problems in our society. I’ll wish you well anyway.

  5. the establishment has been disrespecting us for years – we are tired of it – I am not a Trump supporter, but I definitely understand how he has so much momentum – and I believe it comes from a complete and utter disgust that so many people have for the GOPe, and I believe it is deserved – and like many others, I have no patience left for the GOPe, nor do I have any patience left for what seem to me like more GOPe attempts to game the system

    Eric, I do not harbor any ill will for you personally – but I am so angry at the GOPe I can hardly see straight

    If someone wants to say we should vote for Kasich fine – I can even admit that there is a degree of logic to that idea even though I disagree – but make your point and get on with it – and if we disagree, don’t keep saying we have to support Kasich and say that it is our fault if we don’t and Hillary wins or telling us that we need to “recalibrate to reality” – you sound like the libtards who claim they want everyone to be free to choose, but in reality they only feel that way if we choose their way – you say we need to recalibrate to reality, but what you mean is we should accept your reality – you want respect – give respect – and don’t confuse “being nice” with respect – you can talk nice all you want, but if you are just going to tell us it will be our fault if we don’t, then how is that respect? – if the GOPe had not stabbed us in the back over and over and over again, we would not be having this conversation – I have supported the GOP and their anointed candidates for years – and all I have to show for it is a sore backside

    I will accept that you are just trying to stop Trump – but you need to accept that I/we just want the same thing and have a different opinion of how to do it – and again, I am sick and tired of back door gyrations

    I also believe that we will fail if our plan is to just stop him short of 1237 and deal with it at the convention – if he is far out in front, even if he does not have 50%, and we go around him, I think that will be a disaster as either we will end up with a third party run, or so many of his supporters will walk away feeling betrayed (with goo reason) – plus it is not the job of the party to decide who is right for us – it is the job of the voters to select the candidate – and if he is the one, then so be it – I did not like Romney, but I accepted him and supported him and voted for him – if Trump is the nominee, I will do the same – and anyone that wants to try and game the system to subvert the will of the voters, even if they are completely deluded stupid fools, can stuff it

    so… should I have said all that stuff – I suppose I should not have said it to Eric – but the GOPe damn sure needs to hear it and deserves my scorn – so if Eric is really just a good guy doing his best to do what he thinks is right, then I apologize – and if he is actually a GOPe shill, then I repeat all I said before and then some, and I spit on your grave – hopefully, it is the former and not the latter

    sorry for the vitriol – but I have had enough – and as for me, I will vote the candidate who I believe is the best man – and if that does not work out for me, then so be it – damn the torpedoes

    1. I appreciate the sentiment and I apologize if the “recalibrate to reality” came off as disrespectful. I was referring to the idea of Kasich/Rubio dropping out.

      What frustrates me is that too many people are focused on a fantasy that Ted is going to beat out Trump and get to 51% or that Kasich and Rubio are going to drop out of the race before the primaries in their home states. While Rubio might, Kasich doesn’t appear to show any sign of doing so, and so the smart move, if you want to prevent Hillary from beating Trump in the general, is to deny Trump Ohio’s delegates — and that means holding your nose and pulling the lever for Kasich.

      New poll out today shows Trump getting trounced by Hillary. This is really urgent.

      1. Eric

        If Kasich will not drop out now, which is, as you say, very unlikely, then I understand your logic. I do not like it, but it is more because I don’t like that Kasich won’t drop, not so much that I think the idea is stupid.

        I honestly believe that if Kasich and Rubio would both drop out NOW that Cruz has a solid chance against Trump. But I also understand that national polls do not reliably translate into local (state) delegates. And it may (may) be too late.

        I also strongly believe that trying to strip the nomination from Trump at the convention would be a serious circular firing squad move. So I just do not see that as much of a possibility.

        And again, I am so sick of what I see as GOPe BS that I just want to vote for the guy I see as the one that would make the best president.

        Now that we are making nice, how about you share a bit more info about who you are so we can know with more certainty if you are sincere or a smoke and mirrors guy. And to show you I am willing to do the same, you can check out my Twitter account. I am not at all shy about my opinions on there. I am @bkfamily1. Hopefully, I do not offend your sensibilities, but I may. I really do not do FB much, and I do not have a blog or anything that would give you more insight. But Twitter should tell you loud and clear about my politics.

        1. Thanks, Bryan. I don’t have any social media presence — not my thing. I’m a father of two trying to raise my kids with conservative values in a liberal state. Sending out the letters was my first foray into any sort of political activity (other than registering Republican and voting). I think Hillary is unfit for any public office and should be indicted, but I also think Trump is a clown. The reality reflected in the polls is that a lot of people in the middle are going to shrug off the numerous problems with Hillary (like rationalizing the email issue as a victimless crime even though it signals a deep predilection for abuse of power) and vote for Hillary if Trump is the alternative. I wish this whole primary process had played out differently, but here we are. I think that folks need to look ahead to the general election and figure out how we win there. Step 1 is clearly stopping Trump; beyond that, I have no idea how you pick a candidate and avoid the “circular firing squad” but I’d rather take our chances with that process than hand Hillary the keys to the castle by nominating Trump.

          1. I will just leave one more suggestion about how to deal with it, and it is the one thing that matters most – pray. Because no matter how much consternation all this causes us, this is not what matters most. And no matter what we want, God is going to give us exactly what we need.


  6. you guys a a bunch of stupid fucking sheep. why would you support an establishment candidate who is going to say whatever he or she thinks you want to hear just for your votes and then support policies that only help their obscenely wealthy donors get richer while everyone else works harder, longer, and for less pay? both cruz and rubio want to allow more foreign workers, who are willing to work for less pay, into the country to replace american workers who aren’t getting paid enough?

  7. Why didn’t you do this when Obama ran in 2008? At Trump’s worst could not even hold a light to what Obama has done to this country. Give Trump a chance!!

  8. move out of the liberal state. Just don’t come south unless u leave your liberal views there. some surely has rubbed off onto you.

  9. The passions surrounding this election cycle give testament to the dysfunction that has evolved in Washington, D.C. Grassroots activists for Convention of States want to re-balance power back to the states and restore the three separate, co-equal branches our founders purposely created in the federal government. The outcome of presidential elections and the influence of whichever political party is in the White House will have less effect on the states, and us as a people. Join us!

    Read Nick’s excellent article here:

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