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Quinnipiac: Kasich maintaining popularity

According to a new Quinnipiac poll released yesterday, Governor Kasich is maintaining the good numbers he posted in February.

“In a state where self-described Democrats outnumber Republicans 35 – 27 percent, Kasich seems to be in reasonably good shape as he looks ahead to the 2014 gubernatorial election,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “The fact that he leads his two potential Democratic opponents by 20 and 17 points respectively among the key independent voting bloc is a good indication that he starts the campaign with the voting public seeing him positively.

Let’s look inside the numbers.

On job approval, Kasich has gone from +7(42-35) in December, to +21(53-32) in February, to +18(52-34) today. Disapproval has stayed relatively stagnant while his approval significantly increased, then stayed stable. In the same time period, approval among Democrats has gone from 21% to 25% to 30%. Approval among women is at +9 and at 32% with black Ohioans. His job approval among men is a whopping +28.

How is he doing with Republicans? Against Ed Fitzgerald he wins 86-2 and wins 88-4 against Richard Cordray. There has been a lot of flack from the Tea Party over Medicaid expansion, but it sure isn’t showing up in the polls. Their warnings of losing the base seem to have no teeth at this point.

Overall, Kasich beats Facebook Fitz by 46-37. That’s a good margin, but I’m sure the administration would like to see that number above 50%.

The best news is that Kasich dominates Fitzgerald with independents 48-28. That’s an election winner right there.

How is Fitz doing within his own party? When asked if their candidate has the right experience to be governor, 40% of Democrats say yes, 14% say no and 46% aren’t sure. 60% of Dems aren’t sure whether he is even qualified.

When Ohioans are asked about Ohio’s economy, 43% say it is getting better while only 13% say it is getting worse.

If Eddie is indeed the Democratic nominee, he’s going to have a hard time explaining to Ohioans why they should change direction when only 1 in 8 people thinks the economy is suffering under John Kasich.

Good luck with that.

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