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Rumor Mill: “Buckwheat” Bob Hagan as ODP Chairman?

With the election a week and a half behind us, we’ve all had time to digest, and either celebrate or mourn the results. But fear not, Ohio political nuts. There is still plenty of drama to be had in the off season.

The storyline holding over from last Tuesday is all about who will replace disgraced ODP Chairman, Chris Redfern, who resigned on election night. Twitter has been trickling out rumors and theories since then, but none as laughable as today when David Betras, Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman, threw his full fledged support behind none other than State Rep Bob Hagan.

Bob Hagan even tweeted confirming his interest in the party’s top spot.

For those who don’t know David Betras, he’s a highly regarded County Chairman who was singled out by Chris Redfern, in an interview with David Skolnick, of the Vindicator, as a worthy successor. Skolnick reports that, rather smartly, Betras separated himself from Redfern’s comments by denying any interest.

Whether or not he’s interested himself, it’s clear Betras has the ears and attention of the whos-who at ODP. So his endorsement of a potential replacement means something.

In case you live under a rock, Bob Hagan is currently a State Representative from Ohio’s 60th District representing the Youngstown area. He also is the same state rep who referred to an African-American constituent as “buckwheat” on Facebook. And who can forget the “hair shirt” comment?

Hagan is cut from the same cloth as Redfern. Redfern has had his share of social media run ins with his pesky constituents, and we all saw what happened under Redfern’s leadership.

I know many respectable Democrats, well not many, but a few, and after all they’ve been through, they probably at least deserve a Chairman who isn’t a complete buffoon, or a blatant racist.

But the ODP that we’ve all come to know and love is sure, no matter who it is, to find someone who will provide plenty of fodder from now until the next election.

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