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Zawistowski takes another swing at us, misses again.

Tom Zawistowski appeared on The State of Ohio hosted by Karen Kasler Saturday, and he continued to attack our little blog. You can view the program here.

I was disappointed that Zawistowski’s earlier accusation that we are paid by the Kasich administation and the ORP was never answered by Tom. He started this with that lie and we were forced to set the record straight. Perhaps he told Kasler he wouldn’t discuss that part of what he said? I would have loved to see him back up his lie or have to eat his words.

Kasler did read part of our response to him on the air and asked for his commentary. Tom responded with more lies.

Well, simply because they’re disingenuous. Again, the sordid pasts of our candidates? What a lie. And what a bunch of hypocrites.

And guess what? The communications director for the Kasich administration started the Third Base blog. And directly talks to those people all the time. And the governor talks to the people who write for it. So don’t call me a hypocrite. Okay? Here’s the bottom line. That’s not a sordid past. Someone has a bankruptcy? Yeah about a quarter of the people in Ohio have a bankruptcy with their house that went under water. The point is, they’re trying to intimidate people, and we won’t be intimidated.

Nothing they say is of any value. And that’s why no one pays attention to their little hit piece. Okay? So, let’s just go out and let’s get our ideas out in front, you get your ideas out front, and let’s see who wins. We don’t demand 100 percent, you know, going along with what we have to say.

So Tom says we lied, so therefore we are hypocrites for calling him out about lying about us. What are the lies we told, according to Tom?

“Again, the sordid pasts of our candidates? What a lie.”

Well, let’s take a look.

  • One has tens of thousands in unpaid taxes.
  • Another preaches fiscal responsibility but took out additional mortgages on their home that they couldn’t afford to the tune of $829,000 and declared bankruptcy to get out of it right after taking 7 people on an expensive vacation to Cancun.
  • One proposed a class for children taught by white supremacists and invited another who displayed a confederate flag in defense of such class.
  • One says there are too many black people in commercials and publicly advocates for an armed assault on Washington.

You be the judge, but those kinds of issues are killers in political campaigns.

“So don’t call me a hypocrite. Okay?”

We didn’t call Tom a hypocrite. We didn’t call him anything. Tom is the one who started calling us names and lied about us by claiming we were paid to write this blog. Someone’s having trouble keeping his facts and his lies straight.

Then he claims that this blog was started by Kasich’s communications director. What a misleading statement. For one, Scott Milburn has never had any association with 3BP. Third Base Politics was started in June, 2008. There was no Kasich administration. There was no knowledge that there would be a Kasich administration. Go ahead and read the first year of posts. They are almost entirely about the presidential election.

Two and a half years later, when Kasich did win, the original writer did apply for a job in the administration. When he got it, his account here was deactivated before he started his new job and he never posted here again, as is appropriate.

And Governor Kasich doesn’t talk to us, either. I’ve shaken hands with him and exchanged a few words at an event. But the claim that he “talks to us” on some sort of regular basis is completely false.

We write what we choose to write. And every single one of the stories referenced above was our own research, or news that was already reported by others months earlier. As we mentioned before, we have contacts in multiple areas, including the tea party and political organizations.

Some of them were also reported by the professional media. When Joe Vardon of the Columbus Dispatch reported about Brenda Mack’s issues, was he trying to intimidate someone? Was Jeremy Pelzer trying to intimidate someone when he reported on Kohls’ bankruptcy?

Of course they weren’t. And neither were we. News is news.

Again, Zawistowski rails against his opponents all day long. But he can’t stand it if someone reports negative news about his. And that’s what this has been all about.

He lied about us and called us names. We didn’t lie or call them names. We won’t sink to that level.

We aren’t interested in continuing some war with Tom Zawistowski. We agree on much more than we disagree on. He is entitled to his opinions and we are entitled to ours. But he started this by making false accusations to the media about us, which he has still failed to back up or retract and we will continue to defend ourselves from such lies.

Welcome to 3BP!

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