Pro-Abortion Activists Stomp On The Unborn

Abortion rights activists gathered on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse yesterday to protest abortion restrictions. Instead of making a clear case, they only demonstrated they are tone deaf.

These women brought hundreds of pairs of shoes in an attempt to say that state legislators are “stepping” on their rights. What they failed to recognize is to the average person those ownerless shoes symbolize the children whose lives were snuffed out by abortion, the very act these women are championing.


Video courtesy of Ohio Capital Blog

Abortion is big business. In 2013 alone, 213, 216 children’s lives were taken in the name of choice in Ohio. There is money to be made from ending children’s lives. And there are campaign donations to be received by pro-abortion legislators.

Pro-abortion activists like to tidy up the violence of abortion by spinning it as a choice. But they choose to ignore that abortion hurts many women. All decisions come at a cost and many women later are burdened by their decisions.

What is lost among these women’s poorly scripted and coordinated boos is the fact that abortion hurts women. Many women are simply exchanging the “convenience” of abortion with the guilt of that decision later on in their lives. That deferred pain is real to these women.

I am not ashamed to say I am pro-life. I was vocally opposed to abortion as soon as I realized what it is. Because of this, women sometimes seek me out to confess they had an abortion years prior. These women are not so much saddled with the stigma, but they are consumed with guilt years later. This is something I never expected when I was young, but these women who have spoken with me seem to want their pain to be acknowledged by someone who advocated for their child’s life. Their pain is as real as the tears which burst from their eyes as they attempt to come to terms with their decisions.

One woman told me after she married and gave birth for the first time she realized what she had done to her own child in the name of choice. She was burdened with the thought that her love for her child was conditional. It was conditional to the timing of conception and finances. This was very hard for her overcome. She stated that when she looked at her child she was reminded of the one whose life was ended in an abortion clinic almost a decade prior. Would they have looked or acted alike? These are things she thought of daily.

The pro-abortion activists seek to present abortion as a clean alternative to being pregnant and giving birth. But, abortion is not a clean act. It is violent and ends in the death of a child and sometimes is accompanied by deferred despair of the mother.

Remind me again. Who is being stepped on?

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One thought on “Pro-Abortion Activists Stomp On The Unborn”

  1. First of all Rachel, Happy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 10th. To bring human life into the World and to see yourself in your child’s eyes is everything it is meant to be – A Gift From God and to the World not only for the mother but for the child. Pro-aborts don’t see themselves ‘as giving’ nor do they see the possibility of them pregnant as a gift. A pro-abort cares only for their body and their selfish needs and cares nothing for the needs of a growing unborn baby totally dependent on the mother that carries that unborn child. The reason why abortion is legal in America as you said Rachel is to make money, but it is also an attempt on our U.S. Government’s part to decrease the surplus population quite scary in my opinion. Finally Rachel, you referenced the ’empty shoes’ displayed by pro-aborts. You saw it as the empty shoes of aborted unborn babies. I see the empty shoes held by the pro-aborts – as the empty shoes of holocaust victims who died in the Nazi Death Camps. For the Nazi Holocaust is no different than the American abortion Holocaust taking place right now since 1973 and 58 million American aborted unborn babies since. Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers and God Bless Them All, this coming Sunday, May 10th.
    Respectfully, Fred Sokol, Rocky River, Ohio

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