Blackwell Pushes For Full Obamacare Repeal

Voters have given Republicans control of the House of Representatives, the Senate and now the White House. Frustration with Obamacare has helped propel Republicans into office as they promise to repeal the monstrosity of a bill that is burdensome on small businesses and the middle class.

As Congress is about to vote regarding Obamacare, Ohio’s former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has weighed in on this issue in the Cincinnati Enquirer. 

Although Blackwell was a Domestic Policy Advisor for the Trump Transition Team, he is not in favor of the current bill as he doesn’t believe it addresses the biggest problems of Obamacare.

“Obamacare is falling apart on its own, thanks largely to the 10 essential benefits mandates that must be included in all insurance packages or face large penalties. These requirements range from maternity care to sex-change operations, regardless what the health care customer needs or wants. These mandates limit options and make insurance vastly more expensive, which is compounded by rules that mandate coverage for those currently sick or with preexisting conditions. Obamacare requires that these unhealthy people cannot be treated differently than anyone else, which results in healthier and younger people paying even higher premiums.

These bad issues with Obamacare are only compounded, as it incentives people to not buy insurance until they are sick, as the insurance companies have to sell them coverage at the same rate as if they were healthy. Imagine what the result would be if people could buy fire insurance while their house is on fire or extra car insurance after a serious crash. For insurance companies, that is not a sustainable business model.”

Blackwell praises the bill for removing the mandate for employers with more than 50 employees and the expansion of HSAs, but there is much more that should be done to revamp this very flawed system.

Blackwell believes true reform includes a full repeal of Obamacare and free market reform that focus more on individual choices rather than employer based insurance options.

“This is a reminder of what happens when government gets in the way of market solutions. If insurance companies had flexibility, people could buy coverage across state lines and only for the coverage they need. Those living in poverty could buy private insurance through vouchers, and high-risk pools could provide care for those with pre-existing conditions.

These types of market-based changes would accelerate improvements if employees could control insurance options, instead of their employers. The insurance tax deduction should shift away from businesses and instead be directed at individuals who can carefully decide what type of coverage they want and how much they wish to contribute to tax-free health savings accounts (HSAs).

Free-market reforms would put the individual healthcare consumer in a position where more options are available at a lower price. By making health care pricing more transparent and encouraging the expanded use HSAs, health care consumers can make better choices while competitive market mechanism drive prices down.”

Congressional Republicans voted for a full repeal of Obamacare more than once, but now they appear to be balking at doing the same under a Republican President.



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9 thoughts on “Blackwell Pushes For Full Obamacare Repeal”

  1. Ken Blackwell is a good man. But great care must be taken here

    NO VOTE should be allowed until the necessary yes votes are in hand. It is not a perfect bill but having it fail on the House Floor would be a disaster and a huge momentum killer.

    Only good outcome from a rejection of the bill by the House might be it would provide a great reason remove Paul Ryan from the Speakership,

    Blackwell: “Congressional Republicans voted for a full repeal of Obamacare more than once, but now they appear to be balking at doing the same under a Republican President”

    Dead Right! The reason is Paul Ryan a phony, hypercritical CINO at best. Trump needs to order Ryan to compromise with the Freedom Caucus.

    Personally I’m dropping my support of The Club for Growth. The sick TV adds they are running against the bill are over the top. IMO

    1. Now Ryan is a bad guy? Pretty soon, Bernie, you won’t have anyone left to love but Trump. See you’re using two of Trumpie’s favorite words, “diz-ass-tuh” and “yuge”. You’d make him proud. And the word ads is spelled with only one d. You’re welcome.

  2. As of late afternoon, Thursday March 23, all they appear to be succeeding at is stalling. They had seven, count ’em, seven years to come up with a replacement. Boehner admits they have nothing. Trump promised every American would be covered and “The government’s gonna pay for it.” Blackwell was lucky he was even published. The comedy continues unabated.

  3. Ken Blackwell is right and Paul Ryan is wrong. Ryan caused this mess by trying to repeal Obama care with some kind of “Obama care-lite” that misses out on some of the ways to control costs. To be fair I suppose I was harder on Ryan then I should have been earlier but he is the main reason for the current snafu. The Freedom Caucus also was mislead by Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth. When you are the majority party just saying “no” is not good enough. Trump is still the good guy and he made no errors here — he worked hard and personally contacted over 120 representatives! That is to say he is not acting as a fat ass arrogant slug like the past POTUS. Other than mistakenly assume that the Republican party has a lick of sense,Trump did good. He’ll know better next time. They’ll regroup and get it passed soon. Don’t get your hopes up and stop wetting your pants. LOL

    1. Holy God, you ACTUALLY referred to Obama as “a fat ass arrogant slug”, a phrase that fits YOUR president like a glove. God in heaven, Bernie, you need meds. Trumpcare (yeah, that’s what it’s called) is, at this point, DEAD. They didn’t even have the balls to vote. We haven’t even brought up the Russia connection and Nunes’ utterly unethical behavior; running to tell Daddy before informing the House Intell Committee. The only thing I might be wetting my pants from is laughter…at Trump’s self-inflicted demise. Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight. Stay tuned, kids.

      1. Well maybe “skinny ass” then? BTW Donald J.Trump is YOUR president too — unless you want to turn in your passport. And please get hold of yourself. I know you like to play doctor but I do take “meds” — one 81 mg aspirin and a chewable multi-vitamin so I’ve got that covered. But I digress…. There is no Trump-care it’s called Ryan-care and I don’t think it is dead — but maybe it should be? I have to admit that I hated that bill so I’m not too unhappy that it was pulled and that “disingenuous Paul” was exposed. He is a progressive-light which explains the problem. Progressive leader = oxymoron. Did you notice the 4th Circuit, steeped in jurisprudence, had the brains to uphold DJT’s EO travel ban and of course the SCOTUS will approve it also so the cracker-jack judge from Hawaii (who last week publicly called for more immigrants — what a fool!) will be overruled too. All in due time my boy. Your wet dream about a Trump-Russia connection is just that I’m afraid – it’s not the real thing and you are going to be “frustrated” in the end. But you’d better be worrying about who in the former Obama Administration is going to prison for leaking Signals Intelligence… (PS — Doesn’t FORMER Obama administration sound really nice?). Remember If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong!

        1. Well Bernard, YOUR president was the guy who promised that he would repeal and replace with something “great”, “at a tiny fraction of the cost and it’s gonna be so easy” that covered everybody (that’s everybody) and “The government’s gonna pay for it.” And he was going to do it immediately. I never heard word one from Ryan. So it’s Trumpcare. And it’s deader than a mackerel. Maybe YOU don’t think it’s dead but then again you think Trump’s doing a fabulous job. But you must be clairvoyant because all you keep telling me is what you’re SURE is going to happen. I wouldn’t be making predictions about Obama administration staff going to prison….not after Flynn has asked for immunity (turned down by the way), Manafort, Stone and Page (and little Jared) will testify and YOUR sitting president is under investigation by the FBI and the House and Senate Intell committees are investigating Trump/Russia connections.

          And I’m still waiting to hear the plan to make Mexico pay for the wall. And don’t give me reimburse or pay for part of it. Your Clown-in-Chief said COUNTLESS times he would make Mexico pay for it “100%”. Think hard, Bernard.

          I’m too old for wet dreams, Bernie. All I have to do is sit back, bide my time and watch. Each week, from Monday through Friday the sh*tshow grows more absurd. And Trump sweats. I wonder what Monday will bring? Something “great”. Believe me, believe me.

        2. Heavens, Bernie! Heavens!!
          While standing in the grocery checkout line today I saw this raging headline in The National Enquirer (the CEO of which is well known to be VERY close to YOUR president):
          “Trump Family In Danger!! Terrorists Steal Laptop With Blueprints Of All Their Homes!! America On High Alert!!”
          Remember to say your prayers tonight, Bernie, YOUR president needs them.

          Or don’t bother because, after all, it IS the Enquirer and the mentality of those who read the Enquirer is the same as that of those who support Trump.

        3. By the way, I was thinking about your current med regimen and I don’t think that it quite cuts it. There’s a vast array of anti-psychotic medications currently available. I spent over 32 years working in the field of mental health which leads me to a conclusion: people who ardently support Trump are either suffering from a delusional disorder or are dumber than the proverbial box of rocks.

          Which are you, Bernie?

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