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Tim Ryan Looks For Cheap Hook-Up; Now Says Life Is Disposable


Congressman Tim Ryan wrote a column in the Akron Beacon Journal in which he announced that he went from defending the unborn to being completely fine with abortion. There has to be a reason behind this change of heart on this very important position. Someone just doesn’t respect life, and then turn around and feel it is no longer valuable.

Let’s be honest here. Tim Ryan is likely looking for a cheap hookup with Democratic primary voters at the statewide level. And he can’t score with them as a devout and practicing Catholic. So, he sold the unborn out for some easy action and possible donations from Emily’s List.

In his column, Ryan strangely mentions his son when declaring he no longer feels lives of children to be of value.

 “On June 12, 2014, my wife and I were blessed when our son, Brady Zetts Ryan, came into the world. With the birth of this healthy baby boy, our lives were forever changed. I’m mindful that my wife and I were fortunate enough to bring Brady into a prepared family full of love and devotion.”

What the Congressman said is that Brady was lucky. He was lucky that his parents were prepared for him. But according to Ryan, the birth of Brady made him realize that babies created by irresponsible, unprepared people don’t deserve the “privilege” of life. And if the Ryans weren’t prepared, would his life have been disposable? Brady deserved the privilege of life. But Ryan now feels there are other babies that don’t, because their parents aren’t “prepared” and don’t want them around. Disposing of these lives is now acceptable to Ryan.

Ryan mentions the “the heavy hand of government” being involved in women’s lives. But, he favors the heavy hand of government as an Obamacare supporter. The burdensome regulations and requirements of that albatross of legislation has left many women with health insurance plans they can no longer afford and that don’t meet their needs.

Ryan only seems concerned with the heavy hand of government when it prevents babies from being suctioned to death.

Pro Lifers feel used by politicians like Ryan and Renee Elmers, who get elected on their values and then suddenly toss them to the side when convenient for their political careers.  Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis called out Congressman Ryan for selling out his values.

“Congressman Ryan’s flip-flop on abortion clearly demonstrates his opportunistic and self centered approach in seeking higher office. By callously and carelessly tossing aside his so-called strong Catholic upbringing and pro-life beliefs to now support abortion, sadly proves yet again that politicians will say anything and do anything to get elected or climb the political ladder. It is no wonder why Congress has the lowest approval rating in our nation’s history.

Of course, Ryan was proudly “pro-life” while easily getting re-elected in an otherwise gerrymandered district. But now as he seeks higher office, which we assume will be a challenge to pro-life Senator Rob Portman, he chooses to abandon those who helped him get elected in the first place. Most alarming to all Ohioans, both pro-life and pro-choice, is that if he is willing to easily flip-flop on the fundamental issue of a baby’s life, what would he do with every other issue which faces our nation.”

Ryan has proven that he is a sell out. He will flip his position on the defense of life, which he claimed to have held his entire life because he covets a Senate seat. Ryan has made himself available to the highest bidder.

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