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Columbus Council Critters Declare War on Earning a Wage

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Columbus City Council is more interested in creating paperwork and wasting people’s time than helping create well-paying jobs, but sometimes liberals’ insanity outdoes itself.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Columbus City Council is more interested in creating paperwork and wasting people’s time than helping create well-paying jobs, but sometimes the insanity of liberals outdoes itself.

Columbus City Council is intent on creating yet another government commission, paid with taxpayers to do little—if anything—to actually help the city’s hard-working men and women who actually… you know… work for a living.

The proposed “Wage Theft Prevention and Enforcement Commission” sounds nice, but a more accurate name might be the “Wage Earning Prevention and Enforcement Commission,” because that’s what the commission would ultimately do: prevent Columbus workers and companies from earning a living without the permission of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

What are the goals of the Wage-Earning Prevention Commission? For starters, the Commission would allow the city to persecute and prosecute private contractors, forcing them to spend their time filling out paperwork and responding to costly and frivolous lawsuits from Big Labor competitors.

Big Labor funds the Columbus City Council during election years. As everyone with a real job knows, when someone does you a favor like kicking in campaign cash, a favor is expected in return. That favor expected by union bosses—paid for with dues money, extracted with or without the consent of the worker who actually earned the money—comes in the form of favorable legislation.

Labor bosses know in their hearts that they don’t provide enough value to everyday workers, which is why they hate it when workers have the option of not joining the association. They also know that “closed shops,” or workplaces where employees are required to join the labor union, can’t compete on a level playing field with the American entrepreneurial spirit. They have to ask the politicians they’ve purchased to make the rules favor them, making it more difficult for workers to find jobs and earn a living and making it more difficult to build infrastructure that cities and people need and want.

Unemployment in Ohio nearly doubled over the past few months, and many families are struggling to make ends meet. Our elected officials, including the Columbus City Council, work for us—not the other way around.

Business owners create jobs, union bosses like those would pull the strings of the Wage Prevention Commission’s desk jockeys do not. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, and the government wants to make it harder and more expensive to fix them and keep our families safe? It’s ridiculous!

That Columbus is even considering using taxpayer money to criminalize entrepreneurship in the city limits is appalling, and people need to get angry now and call their elected officials in City Hall about this egregious idea.

When good people do nothing, that is tacit agreement with evil ideas such as the criminalization of making a living.

Are you willing to remain silent?

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