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Liberal Hypocrisy Extends to Death


Ohio Rep. Bob Hagan (D) wants the Governor to witness each Ohio execution.  Hagan’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.   He is vocal about supporting the lives of criminals who are afforded due process, but sees an unborn child as disposable and not worthy of the chance to live.

Ohio Right to Life called out Hagan’s hypocrisy and suggested that Hagan and his fellow pro-choice legislators be forced to watch each abortion.

“If you believe witnessing an execution will bring great shame to an elected official or perhaps alter their support for such penalty, then we must seek an additional piece of legislation requiring you and pro- choice politicians to witness each and every abortion in Ohio.

A few years ago, you refused to watch the ultrasound of a live, pre-born baby at the Statehouse. I doubt you would be able to stomach the grisly practices by which your politics would allow that life to be ended. “

Hagan refused to watch an ultrasound.  Yet, he thinks Governor Kasich should be forced to watch each and every execution.   Can Hagan not recognize his hypocrisy or does he just not understand what the word means?

In 2012, Bishop George Murry told Mercy College School of Nursing to disinvite Hagan as the school commencement speaker.  Hagan responded by saying, “I am one disappointed Catholic.”  Why does Bob consider himself to be a Catholic when he works against and condemns the Church’s views? Hypocrisy, that’s why.  Bob is a hypocrite.

Hagan set the stage for his public display of hypocrisy by promoting this legislation, HB 445.  Perhaps the bill should be amended to include Ohio Right to Life’s suggestion and passed out of committee.  Then we could see how much Bob Hagan values life.


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