Mandel Receives ORP Backlash For Endorsing Someone Who Isn’t John Kasich

From left to right: Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges, Ohio Governor John Kasich
From left to right: Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges, Ohio Governor John Kasich
State Treasurer Josh Mandel made some waves today by endorsing Marco Rubio for President. Mandel made his announcement through a column in the Daily Caller.  Citing Rubio’s vision for the country, the Marine Corps veteran highlighted Rubio’s stances on fiscal and foreign matters.

He has shown that he understands the human costs of defending America’s interests, recognizing those brave warriors who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice so we may live free. Just as importantly, he also understands the costs incurred when America fails to defend those interests, costs that can be devastating for both our people and the values that we hold dear.

As Treasurer of Ohio, I am as confident in Marco’s fiscal policies as I am in his foreign policies. Though, as he sometimes says, “In the 21st century, foreign policy is domestic policy.” I believe he is right. In the 21st century, there are hardly such things as remote problems. The economic interests and physical safety of families in my home state of Ohio are often tied to the security of cities, villages and countries a world away.

Primaries are important. They allow the base an opportunity to speak to their party. Failing to engage the base creates a tsunami of trouble in a general election.  Look no farther than Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign to learn this lesson.

But sometimes the party doesn’t like primaries. Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill recently went on a Facebook tirade airing his grievances over the Ohio Democratic Party for endorsing so early in next year’s US Senate race. O’Neill, who is only one of two statewide elected Democrats, actually told Democrats to leave the party over the ODP’s suppression of a Senatorial primary.

The Ohio Republican Party now is having a bit of a dispute regarding next year’s Presidential primary.  Chairman Matt Borges told the Northeast Ohio Media Group that most Ohio Republicans should wait to see if Governor Kasich gets in the race before making any endorsements. Then Borges took a swipe at Mandel for having an opinion that didn’t include Kasich.

“I don’t think that not having the support of a bit player is going to impact that decision one way or the other.”

Mandel’s brand is that of a conservative rather than a rank and file Ohio Republican.  True to conservative principles, Mandel opposed Ohio’s Medicaid expansion. He was the first statewide elected official to criticize common core.  And with, Mandel has proven himself to be a watchdog for transparency in state government.  Now he is a known as a “bit player” to the Ohio Republican Party Chairman for endorsing someone who isn’t John Kasich.

Borges’s swipe at Mandel makes the ORP and Kasich’s campaign look petty. The message being sent here is that you better toe the line and show 100% loyalty, or we are done with you.

There was no reason to wait until Kasich makes up his mind. What Borges is suggesting is that every Ohio Republican better be endorsing Kasich for president, should he decide to run. So, you better just wait and see. But if Kasich does decide to run, we expect your endorsement. And if you endorse someone other than Kasich, we will publicly attack you.

Josh Mandel is not bound by moral code to endorse someone just because they are from the same state. He believes Rubio is the best man for the job, based on his principles. Basing it on geography alone would be absurd.

Josh Mandel represents the base of the Republican Party. And when he is discounted as a “bit player” by the state Chairman, the party isn’t going to gain favor with the base it so desperately needs to engage.

Co-written by Rachel and Nick

Author: Rachel

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26 thoughts on “Mandel Receives ORP Backlash For Endorsing Someone Who Isn’t John Kasich”

  1. The John Kasich who has spent most of his life in the public eye would have been worth waiting for. The John Kasich who has been governor of Ohio for the past 4 1/2 years is not worth waiting for – or supporting if he eventually becomes a presidential candidate. That Matt Borges believes otherwise speaks well to his loyalty. That he expects party discipline from elected officials who have not abandoned the party’s principles does not.

    1. Fully agree — John Kasich brings to the table few of the proclivities or skill sets I care to see in the next POTUS. Republican governors in states around Ohio have taken strong stands and made impressive progress in areas of conservative reforms. Kasich has reformed next to nothing and so far what he tried to do has back-fired in his face.

      As to Matt Borges being loyal? Maybe. But I would say that he is a basically a
      “progressive republican” and progressives really don’t operate on principles — they take the path of expedience every time.

  2. Mandel is not a slave, he doesn’t have to wait for Kasich to do anything. He can endorse who he wants when he wants. As long as Mandel is endorsing a Republican, Borges shouldn’t have anything negative to say.

    I’m personally not waiting for Kasich to do anything. My chances of supporting him are exactly the same if he runs as if he doesn’t.

  3. As a NEO Conservative I respect Gov. Kasich and Treasurer Mandel. If Mandel has picked a candidate to support for the 2016 Election then I am a little envious as I struggle to find a candidate that I don’t have major philosophical differences with. Governor Kasich has an overall impressive record in my opinion-he has turned around a stagnant economy, helped to create an environment to restore 300k+ jobs, brought new manufacturing jobs to the state, replenished the rainy day fund, filled an 8 billion dollar deficit hole and did most of that without raising anyone’s taxes. Those are impressive qualities to be sure but he also knows that Medicaid expansion and common core are issues where he loses support.

    But let’s be perfectly honest here…being one of five statewide Republican office holders makes Josh Mandel much more than a “bit player” and this intentional insult once again shows how petty and self serving the ORP has become. This isn’t Chairman Bennett’s ORP anymore, not even close actually.

  4. GREAT editorial! Some of my favorite quotes and comments

    “Mandel’s brand is that of a conservative rather than a rank and file Ohio Republican.”

    Well spoken. Yes elected Ohio republicans USED to be conservatives now they are….well rank and file I guess. Bottom line the ORP does not stand for much under current “leadership”.

    “True to conservative principles, Mandel opposed Ohio’s Medicaid expansion.”

    Whereas Kasich and Borges swallowed that progressive sucker bait — soon the Ohio tax payers will have to pick up the full cost for the plan that they have dropped on the State.

    “He [Mandel] was the first statewide elected official to criticize common core.”

    John Kasich, Mary Taylor,and Matt Borges LOVE common core — they are fighting to PRESERVE it

    “And with, Mandel has proven himself to be a watchdog for transparency in state government. Now he is a known as a “bit player” to the Ohio Republican Party Chairman for endorsing someone who isn’t John Kasich.”

    Yes indeed, Matt Borges is an expert at trashing conservatives — just ask every republican who challenged an ORP incumbent in 2014. Does he have any other skills?

    “Borges’s swipe at Mandel makes the ORP and Kasich’s campaign look petty.”

    Here is where I disagree with Rachael. Kasich, Borges and the ORP do not just appear to be petty — they ARE petty.

    John Kasich as POTUS? No thanks.

  5. John Kasich cursed Geauga County with Judge Grendell. He is all about cronyism. I voted for him and then found out about Grendell and how awful a decision it was and I will NEVER vote for John Kasich for anything again. He completely ignored the Republican party in Geauga county and did what served him!

    1. Kasich did the same thing for Appeals Court in Hamilton County (HamCo is the entire Appeals Court District here). He appointed former State Rep Peter Stautberg even though his only qualification was carrying Kasich’s water in the Legislature. Stautberg is no longer a State Rep because he lost the primary in 2014 to Tom Brinkman despite 6 years of incumbency. He was a ghost in Hamilton County and lost support back home.

      One of a President’s most important duties is filling thousands of appointments with qualified individuals. If someone is going to run for President based on their “Executive experience: then they better have shown the ability to appoint qualified people to important positions. On this, Kasich fails.

    2. Here is what bluedanube is taking about. This is good example of the Kasich/Borges old boy network in action — Grendell’s kangaroo court is a disgrace…

      And Jeff is exactly right about Hamilton County — except for the fact that he is pro-life,Stautberg is just a democrat (like his wife) who calls himself a republican.

      Stautberg will have to stand for election on his own right in the 2016 election cycle — but I doubt he will survive the primary.

      As Jeff rightly points out a President Kasich would most likely result in another Judge Suter on the SCOTUS.

        1. I remember that piece –thanks. Obviously I agree with you. But how can a GOP controlled state allow that situation to go on ?

  6. IMHO, there is so much backlash from the grassroots that we need to be on the lookout for “Establishment” behavior and thinking.
    Reagan’s was a highly successful presidency for Republicans. He was not liked by the “establishment” but was able to break out and win. You can (logically) make the argument that the establishment is at fault for all of the recent GOP failures while the grassroots were responsible for the 2010 downticket win.

    I would argue for a huge grassroots backlash against the establishment traitors to traditional Republican Principles. The punishment of the populace of the GOP should be merciless against establishment behavior. Boehner should be deposed with McConnell. Borges seems to be displaying a very lemming-like attitude. If you smell the wind, you will catch the sea breeze. Perhaps the winning political wisdom resides not in the leadership, but in those who are willing to be bold…

  7. I agree with you Bob — but are the numbers there for us (or for the country) anymore?

    In 2004, working against some of the worst political head winds I have ever experienced on the ground we managed to corral 222,404 votes (53%) for George W. Bush in Hamilton Country. As a result Bush carried Ohio (~51%) and he was re-elected..

    Eight years later, in 2012, campaigning against a very vulnerable incumbent, Barack Obama, and working even harder than in 2004 we could only muster 193,326 votes( ~46%) in Hamilton county for Mitt Romney — as a result the worst president in the history of the republic was re-elected.

    Hamilton County is the key to wining Ohio, and Ohio stands in the path of any GOP candidate for the White House.

    Sadly the Hamilton County GOP party is firmly in the hands of “moderate republicans”. The Hamilton County GOP thinks candidates like Peter Stautberg are ideal. I cannot see any way to win with them in control — the party base will not show.

    Mind you I believe Peter Stautberg is fine man but he is no conservative.

  8. Mr. Mandel is the only Ohio Republican worth supporting. Mr. Kasich is a disappointment.

  9. I received the recent mass email from Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and was surprised by his mid-May endorsement of Senator Rubio. After all, unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, Ohio is not an early caucus or primary state. It might have been more prudent to wait a few more weeks for Ohio Governor Kasich to announce whether or not he was running for president before endorsing another presidential candidate.

    Hopefully, Treasurer Mandel contacted Governor Kasich personally as a courtesy before endorsing Senator Rubio. Perhaps Treasurer Mandel contacted Governor Kasich first and was made aware that the Governor has already decided against another presidential run, due to low single-digit poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire and, more importantly at this stage, difficulty raising large sums of campaign money in an already-crowded GOP field?

    1. Why wait? I’m sure Josh knows that Rubio is a much better choice than Kasich? Kasich has acted like a bully and has produced little substantive conservative progress for Ohio. In my opinion Kasich would make a poor President. Mandel owes Kasich exactly nothing.

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