Sensitive Ed Fitzgerald now deleting all opposing views from his Facebook page

We already knew that Ed Fitzgerald was a bit sensitive. After all, he ordered his staff to spell his name right on documents, to make sure the “G” is capitalized and to put his name down as “Edward”, not “Ed”. If it wasn’t perfectly according to his instructions, he said he would refuse to sign it, even in the case of emergencies. (He apparently doesn’t have to follow his own rules, though).

Now there’s another example that we have noticed.

On the day of Fitzgerald’s pathetic crowds for his announcement rallies, he made several posts on his Facebook page. I posted a link in the comments about our story where the Democrat blog Plunderbund had written articles accusing him of corruption.

Minutes later, my comment was gone. They had deleted it. Not only that, Eddy banned me from commenting on his Facebook posts.

Think it was just because I am a pesky blogger? Nope. Fitzgerald is having all opposing viewpoints deleted from his Facebook page. Below are some examples.

On May 8th, Fitzgerald posted about Nan Whaley. Check out the two comments that criticized Fitzgerald. They were deleted. In fact, only four comments still stand on that post as of this writing.


On the day of his announcement, he posted this photo of the tiny room they crammed people into to make it look like a packed crowd. Someone else posted our link. It disappeared almost immediately.


Just yesterday, he posted about National Police Week. A commenter asked why he fired a popular sheriff without cause, and her comment got deleted. This lady was also banned from commenting.


Now, I can understand if they deleted comments with profanity or racial slurs. But deleting comments just because they oppose your views or ask tough questions is lame. Head on over to Governor Kasich’s Facebook page. The comments stand.

Go check out Fitzgerald’s Facebook page and look at all the comments. Any tough questions or anything remotely critical has been deleted. Also, try it for yourself. Ask a tough question or post one of our links about him, and then immediately save a screenshot of it. Send it to our email address if you like. I’m betting they delete it within hours.

Well, I guess now we don’t have to wonder what Ed is doing on Facebook during those council meetings.


He’s busy deleting anyone who dares question him.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

6 thoughts on “Sensitive Ed Fitzgerald now deleting all opposing views from his Facebook page”

  1. Josh Mandel bit off more than he could chew in 2012.

    Ed is doing the same, if the media was honest, he’d be en route to a worse result than Tim Hagan got in 2002.

  2. Um, John Kasich scrubs critical comments on his Facebook page all the time. It’s hardly news. But just keep reaching, Nick…

    1. Hahaha. Make’s? Expect’s?

      Oh, and I didn’t call anything a question. All the evidence is presented. Or should that be present’ed?


  3. I find the deletion of opposing views on a politician’s page abhorrent but I have yet to find a page where this doesn’t occur, Democrat or Republican. The Sarah Palin facebook page deletes reposted direct quotes from her if their reposting is thought to make her look bad. Politics as usual and I find it a bit disingenuous of you to act is if it isn’t. Candy O’Hare, “Nicktard”, really?

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