• ODP Fails Again As Patten Exits House Race After Deadline To Replace

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    Chris Redfern hit another stumble yesterday when Democrat Matt Patten withdrew his candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives, ensuring Mike Dovilla’s reelection.

    Patten was elected to the Ohio House in 2008. Dovilla defeated him in 2010. The two were opponents again in 2012 in a tight race in which Dovilla won by 118 votes.

    The date to replace Patten on the ballot is now past. So, now the Ohio Democratic Party is left without a candidate in a competitive and targeted district. This is yet another stumble that reflects poorly on Chairman and State Representative Chris Redfern. Had Patten dropped out a few weeks ago, the Democrats could have found a replacement on the ballot. Now, Dovilla is unopposed.

    Dovilla told supporters and friends on Facebook that he is committed to his district and to growing the Republican majority in the Ohio House.

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    Ed Fitzgerald has basically waved the white flag of surrender in the Governors race, probably ensuring defeat of the entire statewide ticket. Redfern’s failure to vet Fitzgerald likely will cost him his chairmanship. Patten’s exit from the race is more insult to injury as they have abandoned this race.

    Both Patten and Fitzgerald are Cuyahoga Democrats, so this is also a reflection on the county party machine. In a county dominated by Democrats, perhaps they are not as concerned about vetting candidates and take the constituency for granted. This won’t work on at the statewide level and now Redfern is feeling the heat.

    Patten hasn’t announced a reason for withdrawing his candidacy.


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